Btcz accepted gothic redesign


A Gothic feeling redesigned “btcz accepted”
by me, which you can alternatively use everywhere you wish guys.

It will be firstly used in the Mystic Symphony’s metal band site .



Nice Color. Could your create a design for TXtZ?


Of course my dear.
I would simply like to understand how txtZ works because I never had the chance.
In order to design it better :slight_smile:


Sure! Let me try to explain TxtZ as simple possible:

TxtZ is a “BitcoinZ SMS Wallet”. Everyone can receive and send BtcZ without internet connexion, the only requirement is to have a phone that can send “short messages” (SMS) like for example a Nokia 3210.

This Wallet is easy to use with 4 commandes only (Commande sent by SMS to a configured messaging server):

  • START : To Configure the phone in the system.
  • RECEIVE : To get your public BtcZ address.
  • SEND : To send Btcz to a other wallet.
  • BALANCE : To get the balance of the current wallet.

Here a print screen of some tests:

I wrote a post about it with a usable demo. And here is the announcement on youtube:


Super artwork Vandar! Matching the Music band’s page design very well!
@Marcelus what I still don’t understand is how can I preset my number with my BtcZ address or reset?! At receive where do I get amounts?


The RECEIVE command is only to get your payment address. This command accept no parameter. To be more clear, it could be renamed as something like GET ADDRESS. (It’s a little confusing)

Your phone number is registered (and linked to your payment address) once your register with the START command. If you try to send with a phone number, ex.: SEND 5 +41332221100, the system will check if a payment address is registered with this number (if the propitiatory registered with START) and if yes, 5 Btcz will be sent to the address linked to this number. If this number is not registered, you will get a error.


Btw how does it know my address?


The system generate a new one by registering with START. If this is the question, you can not get (or configure) an existing, you own, address like on


So Marcelus , in txtZ you have to create a new address which is “bound” in your specific phone number?

By giving the command “RECEIVE” ?

( how someone can use his specific phone device for txtZ? We need some providers to support this?)


@VandarGR, the facts are: Once you sent the command START by sms to the “server’s” phone number, thes server application “TxtZ” generate for you a new address (you don’t have access to the private key) that is “bound” with your phone number. The command RECEIVE is only to “show” the public address (the server send to you a sms that contain your address).

The provider can be a “internet” telephony gateway like in this case, The project also not need support of a country provider like Swiscom, Airtel, Orange,… But it could by changing the code, and it will be nice for some more functionality like recharging phone credits with BTCZ.


Wow! It seems really impressive !
I will fully understand it by using it , I hope soon :slight_smile:

Gongratulations to all of you guys who have worked for this project !
Thank you Marcelus , I will try to make a mega info-card about this (I may need some help to present it with the right way , information-wise :slight_smile: )


Friend, wrait. What help?


I hadn’t understood 100% how our txtZ system works but Marcelus has already explained me :wink:


However some description for every function could helpful afain in order to present them in the best way and without any mistake hehe ! :wink:


Yes! some people will need in help