BTCZ & Nature cards


Some nice cards inspired by nature, with small motos, based on each image and revealing characteristics of our Community & coin in a very brief way.

The logic is that by viewing a familiar nice nature’s picture which is something unusual for cryptocurrencies , the viewer feel much more comfortable than seeing futuristic “all the same” & network themed pictures. This is increasing the possibility of searching about the content.
This effect is likely to be increased even more by the enigmatic look of the cards , as there is no header with logo description, but only an info QR , our symbol and a game with “Z” in the wording of each small moto.

Feel free to use them in social media or even as avatar images in our forum/Discord .
The photos that were used are loyalty free and with open modification rights.

(Update no1: some animated versions)


Really good job! :+1:


Love them :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


@VandarGR I want all the varieties of owls with BtcZ pupils that you can deliver! :slight_smile:


Quality images, I like it a lot!


lol :slight_smile: we will enrich the collection then ;-))


I will use them for sure! Clever concept


How great arts are these, Im so stupid I didnt think for this before! You are a great, good hearted guy and smart Vandar!


Thank you for your kind words bro!!


I have set up image albums on my server, so you can all upload images which are BTCZ related there. So that, we can market with those images.

Site is not some professional design… It is just something to hold pictures and to sort them out… :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing work @Rokmikuz !
I am already uploading everything about BitcoinZ to be available in the BitcoinZ image storage site !


That image storage is amazing! Thanks Rok!