BTCZ needs a mascot

This post is to start and hopefully lead to a community agreement on one mascot (animal species, designs, name) that would serve BTCZ as its hallmark that would distinguish it from other btc derivative/spinoff coins with similar names.
Something of comparable quality to this but better:


Agree, so all graphic designers please step forward!
I will give 20,000 BTCZ to the mascot which will be chosen with voting I guess? :slight_smile:


Me too I guess so this makes it 40k


Do u guys mean a new logo of bitcoinz?

no not logo , we are talking about mascot… :slight_smile:

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Just trying my hands on something

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This is one bad-ass wasp! But these guys are predators and are known more for its killing and stinging rather than hard work and community work.

I think the closest to BTCZ idea would be to have a bee. And we have “bee” in our name!
BeeTCZ :wink:
A community animal that works hard for the benefit of the hive.

I was attempting a bit with the bee, but this is still far from the quality that I wish to see for it.
If anyone could pimp this one up or has a better design/drawing skills - let me know.

This one could be a nice inspiration too:

But it has to be our own original design.