logo bounty




That is pretty cool. But the best part of the BTCZ logo is that it is angled.





i think angle is met :slight_smile:


Bz Bz_
Easy to understand globally,
and in small sizes.




Guys, could we please wait with this AFTER the new main website is designed and voted upon?

It would be great if we had consistency between the main site and the news site. Work is being done on it as we speak :slight_smile:


How long does it take to finish that ? I have to announce a winner, that’s the fair thing.


I’ll announce the winner of the logo bounty on 18.05.2018!! Thank you all for doing this! Bounty is still open until 18.05!!


and the winner is…?


Hello people!

Sorry about the delay of winner announcement!

I wanted to see what happens with the re-branding proposal. Since it looks like it’s not going to happen, I’ll announce a winner soon!

Thank you all for contributing.


Winner announcement! (copied from discord channel)

Okay, this is it! First of all I want to thank @everyone of you that got into this! I really appreciate it.

I went through every proposal posted in this channel for the hub logo and I must admit people really love to help and compete. I decided to make a top 5 of the work I loved and award each of them with 1000 BTCZ, except the winner who gets the bounty of 5000 BTCZ.

The #1 winner must send me the source file (.psd or whatever they worked on) otherwise I’ll have to disqualify them since I can’t use the logo properly. Other members on this list can send me or not their work, it might be used in news articles.

All people tagged in the following top, please DM me so I can reward you. Here we go:
#5 @cascroute with
btcznews1 —

#4 @Tarantulo with

#3 @rylest with

#2 @grakus with

And the winner #1 is @ninjix with

@here I’m expecting DMs from winner and runner ups! Congrats to @ninjix and all other people that worked in this bounty program! Thank you all for your help!