logo bounty


Hello, awesome community,

I need a logo for BitcoinZ News site! The logo should look and feel like BitcoinZ and should remain in user’s head like “This is a place where you find out stuff, crypto stuff, BitcoinZ stuff!”.

Please use BTCZ logo’s colors and maybe even font. Don’t mind the current website colors, those will be changed to BTCZ official colors. I will offer a bounty of 5000 BTCZ for the logo that we will use. Please post your logo proposals in #btcz-news-hub channel, on discord or slack.

People that can’t work some graphics are more than welcome to vote for their favorite logo in the same channel using

Feel free to drop any question you have here or on slack/discord.

Fan Art Repository



Nice! Come on, bring more! :smiley:



when is the deadline?


3D with smooth curve


The deadline is not established yet. I’ll announce it in 10-15 days.









That is good. NewZ lol. Blue font would make it better.



i need couple of days to post mine :slight_smile:


Hey man, below are some reasons for using this logo.

  • It’s extremely minimalistic which adds a sense of professionalism/ efficiency
  • The Logo itself uses various shades and gives a very artistic yet straight-edged feel
  • The linear orientation of the logo makes it feel like a white collar/ professional website/ currency

Hope this suits your needs. Message me here to talk. PS. When do the results come out?