BTCZ Online Poker (passed)

Currently there are limited online crypto poker options and none are able to play with BTCZ.

Mission Statement or Vision
Create an online poker environment for BTCZ where every hand played a small cut from the winnings is paid back to the community.

Objectives to be achieved
Build a fair and open Online Poker Gaming Environment.

Attract users to play with BTCZ

Have a easy way for people to buy/trade in and play with BTCZ.

Users can only cash BTCZ out.

Generates profit back through winnings fees taken.

Preferred approach
Hopefully the community could build this project together.

Benefits statement
We get to play Poker with BTCZ !

Will attract others to get and use BTCZ !

Has possibility of generating revenue !

Risks and ways to address them

Just thought it might be fun to play some poker together :sunglasses:

  • Yes
  • No

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Legal stuff - lawyers? This would have to be hosted somewhere, which location is on your mind?


Just wanted to put the idea out here, when rigged unfair centralized online poker was unregulated in the US around 2005, quite a few people were into it.

Online poker is the game of poker played over the Internet. It has been partly responsible for a huge increase in the number of poker players worldwide. Christiansen Capital Advisors stated online poker revenues grew from $82.7 million in 2001 to $2.4 billion in 2005 - wikipedia

There are currently 3 states that offer legal online poker in the United States – New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.

Could this be decentralized? not hosted? built into a wallet? Could the blockchain record and deal cards?

Masternode servers host service?

Thanks for the replies.


I think for the moment let’s get to the point of the legal issue. we’re playing poker we don’t sell drugs. we put the site on a foreign server and that’s it. if the platform starts to get big then we can think about legality. but first it has to work. legal issues are all about wasting time.


Thanks Solid I agree with your logic. We are small fish and this is all just for entertainment purposes only. Didn’t mean to get the wrong idea out there.


I have app to the limit of legality. And I use servers in Singapore and Russia. I think this Is a good idea. I will definitely play in your poker site :slight_smile:


I just suggested this earlier today.


There is an interesting base for developers :


Is the law less strict if we play in private parties?
I mean for example; I start my poker server and I invite 6-8 people to play with me (on my VPS)?


I think at this point, any free online poker game played is ok, maybe we takeout the easy buy in/law issue all together and focus on this is a game played by our video cards and no money has been exchanged anyway. they will find an way to get in our btcz to btcz if its a great place to play to play free online poker with the GPU things made?

What is the best free online poker site?

Online Poker Sites: Quick Reviews

  • 888 Poker. 888 Poker is the world’s second largest online poker site and from its launch in 1997 it has grown to become one of the best and most trusted poker sites in the industry. …
  • Tiger Gaming Poker. …
  • PokerStars. …
  • Party Poker. …
  • William Hill Poker. …
  • Ladbrokes Coral.

I find that this idea is awesome ! Let’s create a “Poker Mining Pool” :grin:
You are mining on the address that will be used as “Play Chips” :laughing:

Could everyone mine, even with a CPU ? …for a couple of BtcZ, 500 per days. :thinking:
In any case, it could be fun!


I think this project can be lead by the author (you) as a side project inside BtcZ.
I cannot see any reason to be proposed/ voted for.
If it has a reason, Im very curious and please explain why it needs to be voted instead of taking actions to make it happen.
Personally I dont support any gambling, its always for easy money making for the house. Its never a winner thing for a player. However a self made Gambling site can be Honest. To make a gambling site legal, should need to be attached to a legal entity (company).
Companies above BtcZ community would break our Decentralization, its against our whitepaper.
Inside our Community, any numbers of groups or entities can be made, which is partly or entirely lead by the community or has rights.
But easiest way: to get a casino accept BtcZ coins itself, so we dont need to build a legal background for it.
Feel free to geather interested members of this project and I suggest to aim first sites which accepts Cryptocurrencies and connect with them, ask for an offer.


Hi FollowWings, thanks for your thoughts and input. I was away for a bit.

Just focusing on Texas holdem poker tournament play.

This is a last man standing game of skill where the host only takes a small fee to fund our BTCZ charity for providing the environment like any other game tournament played. The cards being dealt is the same luck as where you spawn in a game, the rest is skill.

Personally having played in quite a few over the years outside of the casinos, I don’t consider Texas holdem poker tournament play to be “gambling” and I really wouldn’t want any mob run gambling casino house touching my crypto.

check out



Poker doesn’t have the same house advantage as other casino games as long as the dealer is switched every round.



I think I may have found a possible partner for this poker idea.

I have been playing here for the last few days and like how this is setup and operates.

Anonymous accounts

100 satoshi for free to start

if you lose everything you get another 100 free to start over with or can buy in.

They currently only offer BTC, BCH, and BSV.

I think BTCZ would be a good fit their partner program to raise funds if the community shows enough interest?


hey guys, i just joined this community after buying some coins, and stumbled upon this thread.

I’m a poker expert, and former professional player. So I know a lot about the game, the ecosystem, the players, what people like in the software, etc. so anything I can do to help this project out, im happy to.

Send me DMs if you want and let’s continue this convo here :smile:


Test results / review on website.

Good group of regulars on there. Very fun so far and It works as I would expect. The Chat is open and talked to a few players. After getting direct support from the site quickly via email, i sent a few satoshi’s over to play with at higher stakes tables and actually up from what I have put in and won or placed in a few of the free/sponser paid for tournaments. However, this is from an experienced game player.

Anyone can name and create a room for free or pay to host a tournament to play in.

we could have a room named btcz poker for exposure if we had players consistently for periods of time playing.

Anyone interested in meeting online there at a pre planned time? It’s free, I can create a room. it could even be private with a password for only us?

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We can finally play poker with bitcoinz :slight_smile:

After the meeting organized in Rome, the people who came and met worked together to create a bitcoinz poker site.! I hope to see you at the next meeting. We still have a lot to build together :slight_smile:


Be fair in the play!

Tell us about any problem on discord :

Don’t forget to share your referal link with your freinds :

I’m sure soon others games will be released.
:point_up_2: A clue above :point_up_2:

Enjoy !

(We reserve the right to ban any abuse from the same player)


Woah! this is awesome I gotta check this out, this community rocks!

BRB with an edit/update!

-I am floored, very nice work.
My buddy stopped by for help with his Zel Wallet and was impressed.

Signed up, gmail marked as spam, reported not!
tested 1k transerfer from BTCZ Zel wallet yes!
Updated profile yes!
Played a few hands right away
Chat tested ok

I will try to hang out at the starter table to welcome new comers with a quick game.

1 suggest: maybe make stand button to move seats if possible

I contacted

"This is a new “In Beta” site to play Texas hold em with Crypto Currency BitcoinZ or “Bitcoin 2.0”

What will make this site different is that you can mine a few thousand BitcoinZ per day (currently) using a gaming video card. Gamers can play for real value off using their cards mining power/rewards.

Other coins like Bitcoin need asics devices to mine with."



Edit 2: Love the currency converter and the coin logos!