Btcz payment gateway labels


+Ready to use , with usual dimensions ratio used for visa/skrill/paypal labels.

+Different colour versions for every need depending on the aesthetics of each site.

+Png files which are blending with every background.

BTCZ%20Gateway%20symbolBlack BTCZ%20Gateway%20symbolBLUE BTCZ%20Gateway%20symbolRED BTCZ%20Gateway%20symbolWhiteBlue BTCZ%20Gateway%20symbolWhiteGold BTCZ%20Payment%20GatewayGRAY

Feel free to use them !


Yes :smiley:
Well done @VandarGR :+1:

We alao should now store this on github repo , and for an easy use and download of it.


Feel free to add the source files bro !

I haven’t made a GitHub account.

I have to make one and learn the interface in there ;-))


Good stuff! Happy to see this.


One is now in use :grinning:

I added the plugin to the cubecart extension shop.


Wow amazing work @Marcelus!!

One more will follow soon by Mystic-Symphony.
We should inform all the btczdirectory businesses as well!


Yep we should, and to thanks for their continuous support if they are still.
Its on my ToDo list.