BTCZ Promotion via Steam Key Giveaway Draw


Hi all.

Just wanted to share an idea I had to promote Btcz.

I was recently going through my humble bundle purchases and realised I have tons of unused steam keys. I also bought a few games and amazed to see some great titles have fallen in price of late e.g. Resident Evil 7, £10, dishounered 2, £7 and so on.

Anyway it occurred to me that many miners are also gamers but there are not many gamers that are miners and the gaming community is HUGE and it is something we can try and tap in to. As anyone with as little as a gtx970 or gtx1060 can easily make a few Btcz by mining - even if it just for a few hours day.

So my idea then is for btcz community members to donate any spare steam keys they may have and then to market a btcz weekly steam key giveaway. A single entry will cost 50 btcz (or less) which will go to purchasing more steam key for the giveaway (or can go to community fund) and you can submit as many entries as you like. At the end of the week of all the entries, one will be picked at random as well as one random steam key from the ones we have. Maybe we can do three draws at a time, so the more entries you put in the more chance you have of getting multiple keys.

I am happy donate a bunch of steam keys as well as a AAA title a month. I am happy to drive this but I need members to create me some banners/posters etc (@FollowWings @VandarGR) and then market it on social media as much as possible. Using hash tags targeted at the gaming community not just the crypto community. Also we would need to explain that 50btcz is just a few hours of mining, hardly much. Maybe we could lower the entry to 10 btcz? That’s an hour mining on a 1060 at 280 sols. Also intro for gamers on how to mine and what pools to mine on.
We can Also explain how btcz can be bought. At current rate 10/50 btcz does not cost much. Spend a couple of pennies for the chance to get a game, I am sure people will go for that.

So The whole idea of this is to introduce gamers in to mining (or buying) btcz because they already have the hardware using the lure of getting some free games.
Maybe we could do a weekly giveaway and then one Big AAA latest release title per month, again if this takes off I am happy to buy and donate the key out of my own pocket.

So will need some help with images and marketing and we need to decide how we will do the actual giveaway. Maybe a live stream on YouTube where we pick out of a hat?

Thoughts on the above and additional ideas are welcome. Also would be great if someone else could help me drive this and then lets get the details down and do this thing.


Actually I am C# Dev by profession so it would be super simple to create a small app that given a list of entries, pick a random one and then we could live stream that instead of picking out of a hat.


A BTCZ branded random address picker app. Awesome.


Welcome Onboard of supporters Akta86! :slight_smile:
Its a really good idea! If Jalapeno platform wont happen or it happens, by the way its another perspective to reach gamers.
Is there a community group at steam for this (I know there is, but where)? Where would we advertise that BitcoinZ supports gamers?
I think you could lead this project, most of the cases the creator leads his/ her project.
What time frequency would we make these giveways?
Any list of games for the action?
Who could participate?
What kind of promotion arts do you need for this project and how could gamers get informations from our community and cryptocurrency?
There are already some steam key on maybe we could involve those sellers.
How entry system works what you mentioned?
One gpu now earns 350-800BtcZ / 24hrs depends on sol rate, so we could put even higher the entry if its that what you mean.
Would you make an address for entries/donations with address?
Thank you for your super idea.


Very nice idea Akta86.
If you need a banner or a header or something about this, feel free to give me your desired dimensions and a description of how you imagine each of them


Is there a community group at steam for this

I don’t know but I will look in to it.

Where would we advertise that BitcoinZ supports gamers?

The usual suspects. Facebook, twitter, insta etc etc.

What time frequency would we make these giveways?
Any list of games for the action
Who could participate

I have given it some thought and monthly would be best. I will get a list of games together in due course and anyone can participate. There are no restrictions. You just need some btcz!

how could gamers get informations from our community and cryptocurrency?

Just have a guide on our main website which details how to mine and how to send and receive btcz. Maybe a YouTube tutorial or even a you tube promotion.
I’ll think about it.

How entry system works what you mentioned

So the idea is you send in one transaction the fee for one entry from your wallet to the giveaway address (I’ll make this later). Each entry needs to be a single transaction. So for example if entry is 100btcz and you want to put in two entries then you need to send 100btcz twice. Sending 200btcz in one transaction would count as one entry.
On my end, I would check all of the individual recieve transactions and put them all in to a pot and do a draw. Simple. I will announce the winning wallet addresses and to claim the prize you would just send me an email (I’ll make a new email for this). To verify it is your address, I would send some random number of btcz to the address via private transaction and ask to confirm how much was received.

Leave this with me. Will probably wait for ZHash release before starting anything and will get back to you guys re. Graphics at a later date.

Also many thanks for replying. Would have dropped the idea if no one did.


Hi @Akta86 ! Long time no see you!
I hope you are right! I made steps to make this whole thing into reality .
I made a BitcoinZ community steam group wish I would like you to lead it and the whole project.
I made the community as a promotion not only for our members, but anybody who feel interest or would like to play with us.
As VaultZ will won vote / already won (community fee for improvements and marketing, charity), we will be able to separate some momey for a lot of things.
Such an example based on your idea is this steam group to have competitions and other activities for prizes (FastTech stuffs and BtcZ money) which will involve a lot of gamer and perhaps they will involve relatives or other friends of them into BitcoinZ.
Would you lead it to official state, lead the project (SteamZ or GamerZ as you wish to name it) and propose this idea in one whole?
Thabk you very much!


Friend, I think can help for you with banner, some marketing