BTCZ wallet recover


I started mining about month ago and I created new wallet with that bitcoinz-wallet-2.0.5 program.

One day I had problems to start windows, it said was somehow corrupted, so I had to reinstall windows.

Now I was thinking when opening that wallet program again, this program really stored the keys somewhere in user/appdata/local/bitcoinz wallet location? And this program never showed me the private keys when I made the wallet? If it had showed the keys at the beginning I would had writen them to paper.

Now I cannot find any paper writings related to my wallet, I have no idea how to restore the wallet.

I’m really desperate now, how to proceed? :cold_sweat:

Is there any chances to get to that wallet?

I will pay 100k btcz reward to that who gets my wallet back.

I had to make new wallet and start over but that won’t brings my coins back.

Hi @tefini,

:cold_face: :sweat_smile: sh…
:thinking: You have reinstalled Windows, so probably formatted the partition too ?

I do not want to be pessimistic,
But if you do not have a backup of the wallet.dat file, you may be lucky to get back your BtcZ…

Or maybe you installed windows on a new partition ?

If not, make a disk scan with a tool like to check if you find some pieces of the old file.

You can check in your user path for the “wallet.dat” file:
(But if you reinstalled the the btcz desktop wallet again, you will find the actual file and not the old one)


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You should have backup WALLET.DAT and save it to a safe location. You can try to recover the files from the partition on which Windows was, already got success using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Sorry english is not my native language.