BTCZ windows wallet .ico graphic, can I make a larger resolution version?

It’s not a huge issue, but when I put my wallet shortcut on my desktop (windows 10 @ 1920x1080) the icon graphic (.ico file) becomes pixelated, and I think every detail paid attention to can be a benefit.

Could I downscale the BTCZ logo to a more appropriate resolution to avoid this problem and have it implemented in the next update? Or are there already plans for a new wallet coming up?

Let me know and I can do it in 10 minutes.

There’s already logo packs and image resolution. personally i wanted to clean up the edging. but. a larger file exists, and for dark and light backgrounds. what are you proposing to do?

Well the windows .ico file for the wallet on my desktop is pixelated, is it just my computer? I was thinking just make it a larger resolution

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Icos are fixed to 16x16 px as I know. You can change it by some windows visual app or taskbars, but Im not sure.

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