Business services paid in BTCz


Problem statement
What if we try to integrate ourselves with a Business Services company. But a de-centralized on. Like You can find here all types of jobs one has to do (either it’s moving out from his apartment, install a tv, etc. etc. CHORES). By doing this, we’ll have the person who’ll be doing the job paid in BTCz and also the owner of the task should have some BTCz also OR we could also try to get the site owner to sell BTCz to their users so that they can use it and buy it internally and not from an exchange.

Mission Statement or Vision
We will keep it de-centralized and we’ll also enter the de-centralized workforce area.

Objectives to be achieved
Discuss with:

  2. or check and we shall try with one -> X of them.

Preferred approach
Get in touch with one of the companies from the list above of let’s start with

Benefits statement
The jobs will be kept de-centralized and we’ll reach taskers if they’ll agree to be paid in BTCz.

Performance and progress measures

Taskrabbit at least has a number of 897K total visits in April 2018.

Risks and ways to address them
Some of the users will not agree to get paid in BTCz. But we can discuss with the site owner that BTCz should be accepted mandatory if the job will be crypto related. Or IT related… (long shot though).

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

  1. Discuss with one of the sites from that list
  2. If they’ll agree, we shall integrate BTCz as a payment method for them.

Cost estimates and funding sources

Please share your feedback if yay or nay.
We’ll also have to discuss with some DEVs to see if this can be integrated, hence, I thought as using first the proposal section from the forum to see what votes we get.

How does this sound to your ears? Feedback is very much welcomed.

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    1. Nay

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i got in touch with
keep you posted if i’ll get a reply.

wanted to leave this here for transparency reasons.


What idea do you have about rate of pay for work? 50k BTCZ per hour? Who would pay it?