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What do you think about the idea of paying for a banner ad on

Hi BitcoinZ Team

Thank you for your kind interest with CoinGecko.

As of below is our advertising opportunity that you can consider:
Banner Ads (728x90, 320x50, 300x250, 300x100) @ $12 per CPM
(Country targeting : add $3 per CPM)
(recommendation: 500,000 impressions per week for better CTR performance.)

Would you like to consider our banner ads together to give you better CTR performance?
Or you can share with us your ad budget so we can customize for your ad campaign.

I am available for chat on Telegram @manfredlim
Look forward to hear your thoughts.
Thank you.

> NEW OFFER 500,000 impressions in 1 week for 4200$

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Personally, I checked CoinGecko few times due to the fact that they have that online calculator and it`s pretty easy to calculate your gains.
Moreover, CoinGecko looks pretty nice and seems a great competitor for CMC.

Other thoughts?


I also use it for its calculator, it is very comfortable and it complements very well with coinmarketcap, I just wrote you an email, we will wait for your answer.


I very rarely use it. I guess it depends on how much they want to charge.


Indeed, if the prices are okeish, i think we could do this for visibility.


its worth a try - depending on price of course.

I’m starting to think we need to advertise ‘product placement’ so instead of just a banner about us - post something like “Got your BitcoinZ short URL? Get here now!” or something like “Own a web shop? Accept BitcoinZ payments with our plug-ins for…” Type of stuff.

Kind of like - when you see an automobile commercial they don’t advertise “HEy we make cars, and we’ve been doing it since 1945” No they say check this shit out that we have!!! You know you want it!!!


the prices are in the first publication, I like that idea, but if we want promote magento plugin to accept payments in btcz, I think we should look for another place for that, here the target audience would say that they are another type of person, the kind of people who enter to use the calculator.

How do we get the attention of those guys? What do we sell them?



We have news, offer 500,000 impressions in 1 week with a discount of 30%. Final price 4200$ I have also been told that the CTR is 0.013% - 0.03% normally, this makes a total of 1500 clicks and CPC of 2,8$

In my opinion, this is too expensive, I would spend that money on the Telegram proposal that could bring us 5000 users for 3000$


$2.8 USD/click is definitely way too expensive!


yes, I agree with you, let’s see what happens with the coinbene banner in coinmarketcap


Guys, I can talk to my friend and we will be able to bring the project and the community to the top 10 in search and query krypoivalyut in general. I know it’s worth the good money. But I can talk to a friend and we will do the first work. You look and appreciate, pay the costs. For all of us, it will not be as expensive as for business. but we can do it. I can show the costs necessary and you will see that this is a minimum, but in fact, businessmen pay a lot of money to be in the top 10 in search queries and tips.