Community paper update

Hi everyone in the BtcZ Community who still cares for this coin.

We are approaching 2020 and I see our community paper as outdated. Who here thinks the same?
I would like to suggest that this time we could discuss it as it is being made, collectively.

Let me know your thoughts below.


Yes, I’d be happy to contribute to that as well.


Hello! I still hold, slowly buy, believe and hope. BTCZ is waiting for success. What did you want to change?

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Myself, I do not want to change this, rather I’d like to see it updated and I would be happy to contribute to it. It would present this coin in a more alive rather than interlethal state that most crypto projects display currently since 2018.

For example, proposals mentioned there are linking to but we no longer do it, rather we propose new ideas here at the forum. Algorithm is no longer equihash. There is no mentioning of VaultZ and how the fund is being distributed. I think these are major missing bits but more stuff might come up as we refresh it.

Also, I feel like it should be updated for a period of let’s say 2-4 weeks with active community feedback before release so we all have a say on its final form.