Copay wallet down

We have quite a serious issue with copay.
Sending Btcz is impossible as typing in the amount of coins to send does not work.

Is anyone addressing it?
What is the reason for this failure?
Should we drop copay wallet for Btcz if issues with it continue?

This has been going for a while and it does not serve our coin well. Let me know your thoughts.

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Good catch I only use the official desktop or Zelcore for Mobile
Hope this can get fixed.

Private keys recovery:

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Not sur why this happen. And also not sure how this can be fixed. Its seams to happen on already installed system that perform a major OS update (Tested on Linux, Windows and Android). By new installation of the copay wallet, it work fine.

Find here a workaround to solve the problem:

For Android

Clear the Application cache. Do not clear Data !
(Make a wallet backup before)

For Desktop version (Chromedriver)

  1. Right clic on wallet background and select “Inspect”
  2. Clic on “Customize and control DevTools”
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select the check box “Disable cache”