Couple of BtcZ as a "thank you" to Marcelus and Cryptorex

Hello BTCitiZens,

I feel that I represent majority of our network when I say we ought to thank @Marcelus and @cryptorex for fixing a CRITICAL node depreciation issue we experienced ~6 weeks ago regarding our block explorer and coPay wallet. They were simply not working and basic services of our coin were affected significantly.

Both guys put up their time and effort to address it and it is now operational for next year. They are very modest, super helpful, kind, and never ask for anything in return but I feel that we as a Community are obliged to support our own people that are here with us, helping the coin in time of need. These two definitely meet the criteria, so as we are doing giveaways to random people on the internet to spread our coin’s awareness, I strongly believe it is our responsibility to not only thank them sincerely but also transfer some BtcZ from our Community Vault.

Criticize me if you want but I feel we should support our people with more than a smile and ‘hello’.

  • 1 mln
  • 2 mln
  • 3 mln
  • 4 mln
  • No, we should not touch VaultZ

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What Say @Thatbro Is not so wrong… Count now 119milion. Everybody know how much Is important marcelus and Cryptorex here… But you dont think that donate like the 8% Is a correct thing? For me Is yes. Marcellus help us every times. But i think that you Monobody … You think like that the vaultz Is Infinite. Are you already propose to spend another 8 Milion for the plus wallet (another 8%). So ok but please not spend more or when we Will Need the Money for some good Exchange or some good project we dont have it becouse we spend.
Monobody Maybe the translator, he shows what I’ve written a little critically. I don’t want to criticize, just be careful to spend. 8% here, 8% there, maybe another 8% the next time that we have some other problem and our vault Z, Will be finish… I understand giving him a symbolic prize, Because in fact so many should take it, rok for having helped btcz to have his ledger wallet or vandar who spent his time on the site. I don’t want to offend marcelus and cryptorex but I will vote for a symbolic prize that doesn’t affect the vaultz. 1 Milion for person Is ok (so i vote 2milion). Surely they will have other opportunities to reward them… :slight_smile: Because btcz will always have problems. Or the wallet or the blockchain. No?

Of course VaultZ is finite and I’m perfectly aware of that :smiley:
You are correct, there will be other opportunities to reward them, and you know what? I will make a proposal to reward them again and again :slight_smile: If it’s deserved, it should be granted.

VaultZ generates 0.36 mln BtcZ per day.
It’ll be additional 131 mln a year from now (a total of 250 mln).

We are not saving it for exchange listings, that will just dump the coins price. These will come to us if we will be worth it. Rewarding particular people for their work is a far better solution, X - for promotion, Y - for wallet, Z - for media work seems to me like the best approach. This is why I think fixing critical blockchain infrastructure should be rewarded, and if it’s done by the two people who most their free time devote to BTCZ, even better! :slight_smile:

Maybe other people would like to comment too?


I didn’t know that vaultz generated 0.36 million a day. @Marcelus can you confirm this statement?

I understand you want to reward them. you are a manager and you have X million at mounths, you can use that, when you want finance a project or issue prizes. managers are free to use the funds that have been granted to them. you were elected and the system grants you these millions for these things. and this amount was designed not to strain vaultz.

then you understand, that I don’t vote less because I’m not friends with marcelus or because I don’t think he deserves them. but the goal of marcelus, is for this coin to go on… earn coins. Do you want to thank him? allocates this money in advertising or finds a way to drive up the price. pays a developer to help rok finish the ledger or help marcelus in order to get him work.

I vote for a symbolic payment this yes. this and next time. but the truth is that it doesn’t even serve, and almost certainly these guys will refuse because they do it for the community.

we have so many things to improve, and we are all millionaires of btcz (we are all working together to grow the coin and our goal is for the price to go up) :slight_smile:

  • Lastly, the votes of those who do not want to give anything will be added to those who will want to give less.

You do not need Marcelus to confirm this. Read on BTCZ coin parameters and VaultZ and calculate it yourself.

“I understand you want to reward them. you are a manager and you have X million at mounths, you can use that, when you want finance a project or issue prizes.”

No, I’m not a manager anymore. Read on my post in the subwallet manager and you will see what I spent my 800k BTCZ on.

Yes, I saw it when you posted saying it had been spent and what it had been spent on, I don’t know if another manager did the same, I’m not that active.

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About the vaultz btcz calculation, I didn’t know it was so easy, I take for good your statement.

how are you no longer a manager? No new elections have been held, and another few months have passed. It is logical that old managers have the right to ask for other funds. But guys, I don’t have to remember that. If there are no new elections, you are the managers and you have money to spend. Hydra has to be revisited, and you @Monobody Need take more btcz for all mounths that you continue…

Now I understand why you’re asking for more money all the time. I thought you were taking the money from the manager, and you were asking for more at vaultz. Hydra error. No yours.

Guys the managers election has not been repeated despite the plan for every 3 months.

Theoretically the old managers are still there but we all received only a first budget and no extra funds after this.

We will probably have new elections for managers every 6 months in fixed dates like it was proposed in the Meeting.

We have to revisit some sections/rules in the Hydra Community Structure etc.
Obviously we could not have manager elections every few months because we are all working for many things for the project.

For example we could have elections every June and December and the Managers to get an increased funding. (Maybe +50% instead of double funds in comparison with the past).

In any case, the funds for the months that no new elections had taken place, will not removed from the VaultZ. There will be a new budget for the coming months.

Btw, I am persot totally positive about the proposal of rewarding the developers of the project. The project without some people working so hard for it, would have disappeared among the thousand scams.
These people should be rewarded from time to time and this is a really symbolic prize because for example offering some digital coins which have a value of 300 or 400 euros for people who have worked for endless hours, for the last…30 months are REALLY symbolic. And of course this doesn’t cancel the volunteering character of the work that we all offer to this Community. Because nobody made this in order to receive a payment or a regular salary or something.

However I am totally sure that every logical person would be glad seeing that the Community that he has worked so hard for, is recognising his efforts and is trying to prove this actively.
This is a beautiful thing.


Also note that this is a reward proposal AFTER the voluntary action has taken place. This post-action rewarding could also work for other BTCZ tasks that we will face in the future.

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemens,
Dear crypto enthusiastic poeples,
Greetings to the whole BtcZ family,

First of all, thank you very much for this recognition action which is very much appreciated :star_struck::heart_eyes:
This shows that we are above all a strong community, friends, friends that are mostly unknown, but WE ALL trust in this system that WE put in place. Completely decentralized, with many skills that complement each other, and most importantly we have a heart and generosity.

:hugs: Our first mission is, FREEDOM and EQUALITY for all :heart:

Therefore, and this is my personal thought, this proposal should be rejected. Furthermore, @cryptorex should exercise its veto power over this. I’ll explain why… And don’t worry, it’s not against someone here in particular, but it’s what I personally think by putting myself in the place of others peoples.

  1. It was a necessary task, of course, but we did it on a voluntary basis. And that doesn’t just include Rex and me, but many other people. Others Community’s (also using BtcZ) did it before us, it was not such a big change. We only formalized it in the github.

  2. We did it because we also need to have this part of software up to date. And above all, we did it generously, voluntarily, so that everyone can continue to use BitcoinZ as easily as possible. And of course, we enjoyed working together, and personally I come out with an enriched experience and a better understanding of the whole system.

  3. If this proposal is accepted, it will not be correct for all the people who have worked on this project before me ! It will not be correct either for everyone who does excellent work other than software development ! And never forget that a lot of people work behind the scenes, in the dark, and don’t show up (out of timidity or confidentiality).

  4. VaultZ should be used to reward planned tasks and decided in advance by the community. For giveaway that managers decide. Ecosystem extension projects. Or others works… But not to reward voluntary action. For people who wish to support us (Rex, me, others), you can find our donation addresses on the different sites. And these of which must be voluntarily paid by each who wishes it, and not taken on the Vault.

  5. We have no development taxes. VaultZ is not a taxation system. If we start to remunerate the members who maintain the software version, it will make us think that we are like other community which imposes a development tax.

  6. It might be better to use these funds to hire consultants, to do specific tasks that we do not have the skills insight the community. (I am not for hiring people, because I am convinced that voluntary work are often better performed than paid work, but time to time, we should consider this)

And also, other little thing that bothers me is that probably some people will vote yes or no here, because the result it’s public. I don’t care who is for or against … But when certain people vote, it influences the decision of others … Some people vote yes / no because others voted that, they don’t focus on the real subject, the impact, … But again, this is not directed against anyone and this should be in another topic.

Finally, personally, I would prefer to see 2, 3, 4 more developers in this magnificent community, than to have 2, 3, 4 million more BtcZ on my wallet. It will bring much more for everyone. :rocket::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Again thank you all, I love you all. :heart:

And I will continue to actively participate in this community, whether the price goes up or down, whether I am a millionaire or not, … It is the idea of doing something, a system, an alternative to the current world. Jsute to prove that decentralization can work, and that most of the leaders in this world are useless.



@Marcelus you are really kind hearted and generous to this Community and Cryptorex as well, otherwise you wouldn’t have done so much for BTCZ especially during this hard period for cryptos.

Marcelus I totally respect your thesis described above, but a gift by the Community Fund should not be faced as cancellation of your pure voluntarism or as a “Dev Tax”. Neither as an unfair event for the people who had worked for btcz in the past.

  1. The volunteering character of the active members of this project is totally there. It doesn’t go away with a spontaneous rewarding proposal by members who recognised their hard work.
    As I had mentioned before, nobody awaited any salary or economic returns from his hard work for this digital coin. Nobody from the members ever asked for anything. Some members like you , @Rokmikuz and our active American friends have even paid many times for supporting this project without ever asking for a cover by the Community Funds.

  2. This proposal doesn’t turn VaultZ in dev tax either. From the moment that the most of the active members vote yes for this, it is a democratic decision and an honouring use case of the VaultZ. From my personal view, it is a really beautiful and logical decision as well, because :heart: by rewarding symbolically some people who have worked so hard for this project, without ever asking for anything, first of all is the minimum that a Community could kindly offer to them recognizing their efforts. Secondly is a very good example for everyone to see that the BTCZ Community is respectful with the hard working members and can motivate extra people to move and be more active or new members to join the project.

The VaultZ is a totally different concept in comparison with any kind of Dev tax because it was voted by everyone, it has a minimal % percentage that was voted as well and finally every single use case is voted again by everyone.
Dev tax is a percentage that is decided for you without you and its use cases are again usually decided without the participation of the Community.

  1. You should not feel that this proposal could be unfair for some people from the older phases of this Project because
    a) I had personally proposed that the very first VaultZ use should symbolically reward all of them, especially the most active for the period exactly before the VaultZ implementation (you can check the proposal containing even people who had helped many months ago).
    b) The people that now devote their time for the project , especially with core upgrades + promotion workload , really worth the most respect by the btcz Community , because being in this Project and working continuously for years , in the “darkest times” of the valuation free fall, without caring for anything else but only for the future of this project, means a LOT.
    On the other hand, being in a project during the rosy days, when all the cryptos had been going only to the north is not exactly the same IMHO.

This turned to be a big positive for BTCZ from my personal view: While other projects were disappearing and the one scam was exiting after the other, during all this bearish period and crypto-crisis, the btcz Community is even stronger despite the devaluation of the coin.
Here are people who are working hard and truly believe in this Project and they won’t give up , because it has a really good cause.

These people of course worth much more than a number of btcz coins that could be right now be bought with 300 or 400 dollars or euros.
Their volunteering workload’s value is beyond any calculation for the Project and could be equal with many thousands of euros for all these months and years. We all know this very well!.. and they are so kind that they don’t even accept a symbolic reward by the Community Fund ?
This would not be right.

No, @cryptorex I really beg you to not block this proposal, please let it to be completed and respect what the most members wish to be done.



Thank you Marcelus for your kind take on it. Let me just reiterate how highly I think of you and what a BtcZ treasure you are to the community.

Going over your points:

1-2 Yes, you guys did a voluntary and critical update to keep BtcZ running, very important task that
you were not asked for; This type of behavior should be rewarded, shouldn’t it?

3 Lex retro non agit - law isn’t retroactive; My understanding was that the VaultZ fund was started to
additionally stimulate and reward people’s activities and it was an active response to the fact that
many people abandoned the project and its mission is to incentivise more people to contribute to
BtcZ. Spontaneous rewarding based on the activity in the BtcZ network or dev activity was already
pushed in the past, so the precedence is there:
VaultZ : Some gifts to our own developers first!
ROME 2019 MEETING EVENT : some Rewards?

4 I don’t think VaultZ should be used only on planned tasks. Spontaneous ‘thank you’ for great
voluntary action is also in place IMHO.

5 Staying completely honest VaultZ is not only but it is also a sort of a dev rewarding system. You
have one example above. Correct me if I’m wrong @VandarGR.

6 It’s a bit of a digression but yes, having consultants for BtcZ would be great. Finding a consultant
that will accept BtcZ will be hard, otherwise we are dumping tens of millions of BtcZ (based on our
current price) on an exchange which will increase inflation significantly with these volumes.

Your point for voting system - what is wrong with it being public? We should know who represents what attitude. It will never be simultaneous. Shouldn’t we be transparent and clear about what we stand for here?

Your point about 2-4 dev being better than 2-4 mln BtcZ I completely agree with, but not many devs are as noble as you and Rex and I’m afraid waiting for 4-5 more Marceluses and Cryptorexes might take years. Also, for some people who can’t mine or buy BtcZ, that could be the only way to get BtcZ, so why not reward their effort?

If you think that my proposal is corrupting your voluntary BtcZ spirit then of course you are free to reject it. Do you @cryptorex think the same? All I want is honest and fair recognition for your work and time spent on the project.

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I’m totaly agree with you, and as usual you represent what we should all do. humility, friendship, honesty…

@Marcelus @cryptorex , please send your wallets here or directly to me. I and other members of the community have already organized to donate from our btcz wallet.

we are happy to do so and after your answer I think it is also due to proof that we all appreciate your efforts.

Thanks for stay whit us :slight_smile:

“Your point for voting system - what is wrong with it being public? We should know who represents what attitude. It will never be simultaneous. Shouldn’t we be transparent and clear about what we stand for here?”

  • what marcelus means is not to hide one’s vote (for not transparency), but that sometimes we can “unintentionally” push someone else for vote somenthing… for friendship or for other things (have esteem, or don’t want to get an idea ) , instead of giving us an idea of their own. for example, if I am a friend of marcelus I might be forced to put the top on this proposal, so as not to look bad with him. but maybe my idea is that the project now doesn’t need this and so if it was secret, maybe I would have voted no. “we must vote for the good of the project, not out of friendship or not to have enemies.”

also: seeing what marcelus voted for doesn’t make me use my head. because I think, if vandar or marcellus vote yes then I give him support, but we do not turn our heads and ask ourselves the question what is better. here it would be right to have thinking people.