Create Site in italian


I Will traslate the Site in italian. Please send me the link for change leanguage and i Will traslate in this week. Thanks


You can find the file to translate in github :
Sorry, i can’t insert a link in this post, arff.
Best regards


where i find a button for download?
here is not a link for change directly? the admin can create a ita and i will do in 1 day!


It is not possible to deposit a file directly in the repio github of the site BTCZ.
File uploads require push access to this repository.
It is necessary:

  • recover the bitcoinz-sites / / blob / master / translation / languages / en.csv file
  • rename the file to ‘it.csv’
  • translate the second text of each line into Italian (after the comma ‘,’)
  • open an issue under github by inserting your file or send it to me via this forum or on the Discord.

The addition of the file will not be enough for the site to be translated into Italian, there is a little code to add on other pages for this to be taken into account.


i try to download this file :bitcoinz-sites / / blob / master / translation / languages ​​/ en.csv

can upload here the file in en, i traslate and i upload here . better for me.


You should follow the procedure described by @gilardh.
Not sure that it will be taken into consideration otherwise.


Download this file :

Right-clic and ‘save to’ your computer.


Wow thanks!
Now Im able to translate into Hungarian too! Nice!


Yes, I work on the French translation.