Creation of btcz channels in telegram for all languages


I write this post to organize the creation of different telegram groups for each language and connect them with their respective channels in slack and discord.

This is a list of the groups that exist so far:

English - Connected
Russian - Connected
Spanish - Connected
Portuguese - Connected
French - Connected
Dutch -
Japanese - Connected
Polish - Connected
Lithuanian - Connected
Romanian - Connected
Malay -
Italian - Connected

Recommended to configure the group as public and edit the address of the link.
To connect with slack and discord invite @cryptorex and @FairBTCZBot to the group and add administrator permissions to @cryptorex. Then publish the group link here!



Thanks for create Polish group!


linking japanese and polish today


linked polish
japanese was already connected


hey, i made Slovenian language room on telegram, how do i create it on Discord?


Nice job! :heart_eyes:


i try to add @cryptorex in ITA Telegram group, but its impossible becouse he have some privacy setting .
the group for italian leanguage is:

after 5 minutes that he coming inside, i will do him admin
the bot @fairbtczbot is inside and working

please can we add ita leanguage also at the official web site?
i can work for do it… if you need. thanks


Ok if fairbot is inside that should be enough. I’ll link it soon.

As far as translation for official site - yes we have a Google worksheet to translate and we can integrate it.

You can translate on the Google sheet here:

Thanks for your help!


hi, i change the link for enter in the group btcz ita telegram italian:
this is the new. can you change it here :wink:

- - this link not work now, please cancell in the site


@KOMETE4 hi, i m alex i create a italian telegram group,
the invitation link is Expired. please change in this!


It does appear the Telegram for Malay has been abandoned by its original community creators.

I will be removing the relay bot from Malay telegram and removing the Malay telegram link from the OP.