Faneatiku was contacted by

Problem statement:
Investors from approached us and proposed to promote us on their site.
Price per month is 400$ and this can be paid in BTCz.
They confirmed that they’ll post our banner on their site and on their sidebar, they’ll create a blog post which will be shared on their wall (from their platform) for visibility.

Mission Statement or Vision:
If CryptoSocial will get us listed on their platform, we should see an increase of members coming into our community, this can mean also investors, miners, DEVs, etc.

Objectives to be achieved:
By being posted on, we would have a bigger visibility and reach to Social Media involved crypto-enthusiasts.

Preferred approach:
This should be voted and if it will be accepted by the community, we can move forward with the transfer of BTCz in order to get promoted on

Benefits statement:
Being posted on would bring higher visibility over BTCz project and will also bring in miners, investors, etc.

Performance and progress measures:
This will be a voting round and if it will go through, funds shall be taken our from
If there’ll be a high number of YESs on this voting round, the project will go through.

Risks and ways to address them:
Risks could take the form of the platform (CryptoSocial) not being able to bring us a high number of miners/investors/etc.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones):
As this will be a voting round, all one has to do is to vote for the idea with YES/NO answer.
Voting shall take place for a period of 2 weeks, ending on the 28th of May 2018.

Cost estimates and funding sources:
400$ in BTCz

Examples of postings:

And some of their internal statistics:

ANNs for found on Bitcointalk:
Please do some research on below ANNs and also check
I personally created an account and navigated through it.

Would you like us to get listed on

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m going for it. I think that even if it’s not that big of the platform we are seeking, the price is acceptable in my opinion. 400$ for one month.

Donated 1000 BTCZ for that.

Feel free to seek for details about and post your thoughts.


We have 2.4 million BTCZ in the community fund for stuff like this. I’ve voted yes.

We need to clarify what kind of banner they can accept - last time we tried with CMC they complained our banner was to big in digital bytes. Can we confirm this?


Sure, I`ll check with Faneatiku and will update this thread


I’ve sent them an e-mail.I’ll let you guys know as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, we need to provide them an article so they can post it on their blog and promote it.

Jhanny suggested to use Lnoir article about BitcoinZ.
Let me know what you guys think.


this seems like a waste of community funds to me. the site doesn’t look like it has much activity upon close inspection of the site. also, I can see a few cases of spam on the site! sure we get our coin on the website and a banner on the page but I really don’t think that’s worth 400$ a month! let alone paying them in BTCZ! if we pay them it BTCZ and the price continues down its path of organic growth we could lose even more money, last months payment could be worth 500$ by the time we come around to the next month’s payment! is free and vastly larger in terms of posts/activity and general popularity of the site when you compare it to so it naturally makes sense that we focus our social media efforts there.
I think our best moves we can make is sponsoring or even just reaching out to youtube channels that meet our target audience such as tech and mining channels similar to how voskcoin has spoken of BTCZ in the past. this doesn’t only apply to youtube channels I’m aware that we have sponsored/ collaborated with twitch streamers to reach a nice target audience, PC gamers. PC gamers are a grate audience as they already have a GPU to get started with! couple that with our awesome easy to use GUI miner that can mine only when the pc is at an idel state.

I really think banner adverts have become old fashed in the age of social media as we now have a common Prejudice that website adds are potentially malicious to our computers and often are some sort of scam or Ponzi scheme nota great first impression for onlookers that haven’t seen or heard or btcz before.


It’s a one time deal. Only for one month.


I like email marketing. Send emails to educate about btcz.

youtube is a good path to target miners.


I know the group is really pushing for marketing, but even only spending $400 for 1 month on this site might be a total waste of money. Look at the site stats at Alexa…
(almost 60% of visitors leave immediately, 67% of visitors are from Nigeria, Indonesia, Russia, there is not enough data to even count unique visitors etc).

Bounce Rate <----------------- visitors that leave immediately
59.10% increase of 37.00%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor
2.30 decrease of 18.73%
Daily Time on Site
3:47 decrease of 9.00%

Country Percent of Visitors Rank in Country
Nigeria Flag Nigeria 47.5% 16,909
Indonesia Flag Indonesia 14.7% 86,102
Russia Flag Russia 5.1% 568,903


Hi, i really like the idea and gave it my Yes

Do you have any information with regards to other coins ROI? It would be good to have an indication what can we expect to gain from the money? It would also be easier to quantify the benefits to the wider community.

Many thanks!




I’m with Woz2000 here. That site is barely ranked in the top 1 million (!) by Alexa (

I doubt we can justify $400/mo for such a low traffic site. Maybe if they lowered their prices to $400/year…lol.