Cubecart BTCz Payment Plugin



Cubecart-BTCz-vx.x.x Plugin is an eCommerce Payment Plugin that is compatible with Cubecart 5.x.x / 6.x.x. This plugin use the Gateway API. You can find more info about this gateway on the Community hosted payment gateway topic.

This plugin is fully open-source and free to use. You can also check/fork the sources from my Github.


Please follow the installation guide here:


Once installed and configured, the plugin is ready to use. The end user choice the payment method and the plugin automatically ask a new gateway from the API:

The administrator can see some informations about the payment in the order section of the admin panel. The state of the order in Cubecart is automatically updated:


You should have at minimum 2 notes for each order using the BitcoinZ checkout:

  • New Gateway Notes with the gateway / invoice link. Added by gateway creation.
  • And Gateway Pingback Success / Expired. Added once the API done the IPN pingback.

Other notes “Gateway paid (or expired): Invoice link” are added if the user is waiting until the end of the payment process. The most important note to check is the “Gateway Pingback” information that update the order status if the user quit the GUI before the end of the payment process.

Update / Issues

I will post here any updates of this plugin. So, check time to time if any new version is available. For any issue related this plugin, contact me directly by reply of this topic or by message (here or Discord).

Community hosted payment gateway

Hey, good work on this plugin, on my website works perfect. :slight_smile:


Update Cubecart-BTCz v0.1.4 beta

Importance: high


  1. The client callback (reloading of the page after paid or expired) did not take place if the jquery libraries are loaded at the end of the document only. image

  2. If the user selects a different currency than the one defined by default in the shop setting, the gateway receives the selected currency, but the amount is always the one with the default currency. The amount received by the gateway is therefore not fair.


  1. Changed $(document).ready(function(){} jquery event by window.onload = function() {} DOM event in the skin/form.php file.

  2. Changed the gateway “fiat” currency to be always the Cubecart default store currency.
    Reason: Because Cubecart does all the internal calculation in the default currency, the value sent to the gateway is always the one set by the admin in this currency.

  3. Changed Client callback to be compliant with version 5.


Download the new zip file (v0.1.3), unzip it and replace all the files with the new ones. Do not forget to set the owner (chown -R www-data: www-data)