Distribute Network Hashpower!

Please be mindful of the coin’s security and stability. Do not mine on pools that have > 25% of the network hashpower. We have plenty of great pools for you to mine on. Pick one that’s less than 25%, to keep any pool from getting near 51% where the coin becomes at risk for a 51% attack.

What is a 51% attack?

How do I know which pools have too much hash power?

Check out this site for a list of pools and about what percentage of the network hashpower they currently hold.

Do pools with less hashpower yield less profit?

No. Luck plays a strong role in mining. The only thing low hashpower affects is how long it takes to find a block. This in no-way changes how much profit you’ll make. The reason for this is while on a larger pool you’ll get more payments, they will be much smaller than on a small pool. You can even think of it as being more profitable to mine on a smaller pool since fewer payments means less transaction fees being paid!

Things to look for in a pool are the fees they charge, whether they donate, are pool managers active – do they have a chat – and do they actually chat? Do they make payments on time or does their payment system constantly get stuck? Do they have servers near you, etc. These things matter. Outside of that, the hashpower of the pool isn’t that important.


Also important, please mine at pools that donate to the community. Donations do not go to devs. All devs donate their time and do not take payment from the community! Donations go to to the community as a whole – to infrastructure, marketing, exchanges, etc. Donating is extremely important since BitcoinZ is a community coin. The community has no source of income and relies on donations! The more people donate, the more the community can grow by advertising more, working partnerships, etc. We may also need to contract some work out to contractors – i.e. designs, copywriting, development, etc. that may not be within our volunteer’s capacity. Without funds, none of this is possible!

Which pools donate?

Check out this page for a comprehensive list of pools with how much they donate.

Happy mining!


Please I need help with Hash at miningpool.io. Decentralization. Thank you all.

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So in summation, don’t point all your rigs at suprnova, they may have 0 fee but they don’t donate to the development of the coin and they hold a majority of the hash power last time I checked

To be fair, they claim to have 0 fee but their pool isn’t very transparent with shielding so there’s no real way to prove it.

They have to make so much off these pools…

I’m mining on your pool, only one 1080ti at the moment but it’s better than nothing.

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We’re happy to have you!

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