Donation Site restored and request of help from ALL COMMUNITY!

Hey everyone, I’m turning to all of you. You all know that teams and individuals are working hard with development. And creating or performing necessary updates for BitcoinZ. Since all projects cost money we sometimes face problems since the project can’t be finished due to lack of money. You need to understand that BitcoinZ is a community coin so all work and time which is used are gift from developers or individuals who invest money in the project. Sometimes we also face difficulties with paying stuff so projects are on hold for a certain time. This is why I ask you dear Community, if you could help us, with finishing our projects which are in progress. If you would like to contribute and you have programming skills and knowledge, then raise your voice and help the team with updates. If you don’t have programming knowledge but you still want to help you can just donate for BitcoinZ at :
The whole community will be grateful to you for any kind of contribution :slight_smile:

Also, other ways of help are always welcome. Please like and share FB site of BitcoinZ. Share our website on you FB wall add hashtags. Comment posts and everything that it will share awareness.
Share and like Twitter posts, comment posts on Twitter. Tag your friends on Twitter posts.

If you are in contact with any influencer or celebrity get her to mention BitcoinZ in her posts videos.

We also have a great new updated website which you can share it on FB, Twitter or any other social media.

If the whole community dedicates 5 min of their time to help and share awareness I’m 100% that BitcoinZ would rise up from where it is. I’m appealing with this mostly on people who just ask “when moon” “when new exchange” all this will happen when those people will dedicate 5 min for helping advertise. You should also know if this would happen we wouldn’t need to spend precious money on advertisement