Donations for awareness

hello everyone!!!
I recently heard about Bitcoin Z and am very much interested and ready to invest in Bitcoin Z… in the place am from people invest in Bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies but we haven’t heard of Bitcoin z
am actually the first to know of it, a friend of mine on Facebook, from another country gave me 1,000 Bitcoin z. he said his trying to promote it and I should do the same to help increase the awareness.
he believes that when much people invest in Bitcoin z that we may have a chance of it getting 1bitcoin z to $100 after the halving at October.
so am taking this awareness as my job, I will make sure that many people knows about it and invest too but I can’t do it all alone, I need help from you guys .
I believe the best way to get much people to invest in Bitcoin z is gifting them a little amount of Bitcoin z, like that my friend on Facebook did to me. so am calling everyone to do donations for this project. Bitcoin z is one of the best coins have known and am sure alot of people will also invest.
thank you all


:point_up: This is the wallet address for the donations above