Exciting Opportunity: Purchase BTCZ from VaultZ for Changelly Listing Fundraising

Dear BitcoinZ Community,

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for our community members to participate in the purchase of BTCZ from VaultZ. This initiative is in line with our ongoing efforts to secure a listing on Changelly.com and expand the reach and accessibility of BitcoinZ.

Background:As part of our commitment to transparency and community involvement, we temporarily suspended the BitcoinZ Changelly Listing Fundraising Plan to address concerns regarding the fair distribution of VaultZ funds. Now, we are excited to present a revised opportunity that ensures equal access for all interested community members.

How to Participate:

If you wish to purchase BTCZ from VaultZ and support our listing on Changelly.com, here’s how you can get involved:

Express Your Interest: Reach out to us through Telegram or Discord to express your interest in participating in the VaultZ fund purchase.

Join the Wish List: Once you’ve communicated your interest, we will add you to a wish list to ensure fair and transparent access to the opportunity.

One-Week Window: The purchase window will be open for one week, starting 20 Feb. This provides ample time for community members to get involved and contribute to our Changelly listing fundraising.

Why Participate:

Support the Changelly Listing: Your participation directly contributes to the funds required for BitcoinZ to be listed on Changelly.com, expanding our presence in the crypto market.

Inclusive Opportunity: We are dedicated to providing an inclusive opportunity for all community members to participate and contribute to the growth of BitcoinZ.

Strengthening the Community: Your involvement helps build a stronger and more engaged BitcoinZ community, fostering collaboration and shared success.

Stay Connected:

For updates, and announcements, and to stay connected with the community during this exciting opportunity, be sure to follow our official Telegram and Discord channels.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to collectively achieving our goal of getting listed on Changelly.com.

Thank you for being a vital part of the BitcoinZ community!

Best regards,


I can buy €500 in BTCZ coins in order to help further after my donations for this cause



I can buy usd 1’000 maybe 2’000 usd

Bitcoinz is the 1 trade


would like to purchase BTCZ coins worth 500€

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Up to 3k as needed to get us to 100%

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i will buy worth of 4200 USD

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Quick update on the current buyers and their respective purchase amounts. The total USD amount is also provided, including the breakdown of funds collected from donations and sales of vaultZ. Our target is 15,000. From donations, we have 3,100 USD.

VandarGR: 1,087 USD
lerecidiviste: 2,000 USD
Daniel: 543.50 USD
Rok: 2,000 USD
PanicJack: 3,000 USD
Dotthinker: 250 USD
Simon: 250 USD
Shohanur_Rahman: 4,200 USD

Adding these amounts together:

1,087 USD + 2,000 USD + 543.50 USD + 2,000 USD + 3,000 USD + 250 USD + 250 USD + 4,200 USD = 13,330.50 USD

Therefore, the total amount from individual buyers is now 13,330.50 USD.

Now, adding the donation amount:

13,330.50 USD + 3,100 USD = 16,430.50 USD

The correct target amount is 15,000 USD. Calculating the remaining amount:

16,430.50 USD - 15,000 USD = +1,430.50 USD (surplus)

TheBarGuy has generously offered to cover the remaining amount but is not needed. Thanks Everyone will be buying for the market price currently 0.2 sat. If anyone else is interested in purchasing at the market price, please express your interest on the Discord server: https://discord.gg/bitcoinz. Your input and ideas are valuable for our next steps. Let’s make this initiative a success together! Please who is in the list join the discord and discuss future how to buy.

I could use $500 worth of BTCZ

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How can I buy?? This is still going?
I reached out in discord too