Exrates delisting


How about delisting BtcZ from an Exrates exchange that has constantly lied about BtcZ trade volumes with high withdrawal fees and multiple user problems?

This exchange does not bode well and we would like to avoid any similar to C-Cex situation where a suspicious exchange does not upgrade our algo for example and keeps lying to its users.

  • Yes
  • No

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+attaching TradeSatoshi to this topic, who also scammed out our users at delisting.
I say lets delist BtcZ from untrusted exchanges.


Let’s deal with one at a time, but yes! Totally up for it! They messed with other coins too (e.g. safex).


Lets get BTCZ in ATMS like coinflip?!


hello sorry, I don’t know how they gave problems to other coins. Can you explain a little bit? eventually if they steal why should they give trouble to us? have eth or btc or xrp, but these coins do not decide to get out of the Exchange. so why do we? just to understand the problem it can cause. users will know that the thieves are them and not us. so I don’t understand. for the moment I vote yes because maybe I not knowing many things I can not understand why. thanks


I voted yes because I have heard similar elsewhere, however, can you point to the actual data discrepancy were are talking about? Thanks.