FB Groups - a secret weapon for BTCZ


You want to tell everyone about how great BTCZ is. Problem is, unless you’re in one of BTCZ’s forums, you’d be promptly escorted out before you’re done talking.

Would it be nice to have a place where we can promote BTCZ without fear of getting shot down?

Fortunately, such a place does indeed exists: your own Facebook Group.

Step 1 - Create a group for a topic that is of interest to you - hobbies, lifestyle, gadgets, relationships, buy and sell, places, activities…whatever you like. Make your group title keyword rich so that people can easily find it on FB search.

Step 2 - Try to post at least once a day. Regular posts are essential to the discovery of your group by the public. (At this point it will be clear why it’s important that the group you’ve created must be about a topic you have deep interest in. If you didn’t care about the topic you wouldn’t have the motivation to post everyday.)

Step 3 - Approve all membership requests. Once your group has gathered enough members – in my experience, around 300 to 500 members – it will become self-sustaining, meaning it will naturally grow in membership without any more contribution from you. Daily posts by you are no longer required since your members will take care of those. You would need to check in only once a day to approve new members.

Step 4 - Be patient. Make no mention of BTCZ yet. Wait until you’ve recruited a sizable number of members, say 2000 folks. Two thousand may sound a lot but really it isn’t. Once you get past 500 you’ll get 10 to 20 new membership requests a day. The higher your membership the more new requests you’ll get everyday.

Step 5 - Make BTCZ known. Consider subtlety and tread carefully. Try not to mention BTCZ in your every post. You wouldn’t want to annoy your members and risk losing them. Occasional slips, perhaps two or three times a month, should get the message across. Of course, as the group admin, no one can really stop you from promoting your other interests (which incidentally is another good reason why you should own at least one FB group).

We’ve given our support to BTCZ by owning it. Unfortunately, just owning it isn’t enough to guarantee success. If BTCZ is to see mass adoption, more work is required of us. Luckily, things are tough only in the beginning. Once you’ve created your first FB group, things will only get easier moving forward.

A couple of groups I’ve created:


In 2 to 3 years I’ll have powerful platforms where I can freely promote BTCZ (and my other interests as well).


The Phils is an Ideal place to target as BTCZ has 50 times more value there than in the US. I have given 10s of thousands away to family there just to get it into the hands of some folks. Priming the pump by giving away BTCZ in the Philippines and other poorer nations seems to be a must do for our coin to me.


All (small) actions do their part of things.
Bravo! If everyone here did the same, that would be guaranteed success.