First Meeting BtcZ Group Rome November 2019


I think it’s a good opportunity. :slight_smile:


Its a private thought but its unbelievable that I can trust more in most of our members then in Real Life of my brother. Sad story, but the overcome is what I appriciate, that there are existing generous, honest, good hearted people and they all are inside BtcZ community!


I have more in common with you than with others. The same story I do in the family. The only one who can really hurt. You found a brother here. I’m with you Bro! Don’t be sad and we work together to bring smiles to the world. :slight_smile:


If I can afford to be there, I will. Normally I would be able to, but for the last 3 months, my truck has decided not to work, therefore, I can’t get to work. So as of now, I do not have money. I want to go so bad though. I’m hoping something happens for the good so that I can make it to Rome.


Ok . Will be a pleasure. For we Will reserve a place free if you Will come. :slight_smile:
Good luck for your camión