First Meeting BtcZ Group Rome November 2019


Hey everyone,
Every project needs team-building meeting so we could plan one for developers and all those who actively participate in the project and also for every other community member.
We have 20 beds or little more available at this place. If the number of participants will be very high, the beds are up to those who are “older” in the project, and those who put many of their time into this project.
But don’t worry… there are some nearby hotels which are offering discount for us.

Free Beds were offered at this place:

hotel with also a big discount for us:

The meeting will be 2 days. Will start on Saturday and finish on Sunday.
We are checking tickets from the main European cities. Berlin, Athens, Madrid, and for example on 16-17 November tickets are something around 70 euros for round-trip.
everyone can participate in this meeting.
Meeting will happen if there will be enough big group of people, and if at least 2 developers or other people who are with this coin from the beginning.
So our aim is not only to take a beer but also better understand how to improve the project and what to do to make it bigger.

Casa Celeste
Casa Celeste
★★★★☆ · Bed & breakfast · Via Beltrami Scalia, 24

Urban Garden Hotel
Urban Garden Hotel
★★★★☆ · Hotel · Via di Rebibbia, 18/34

Do you think meetings between btcz members can help build a stronger team?

-Yes I think it’s a good idea to organize an annual meeting just that it’s hard to organize it.

-No I think it is better to maintain your anonymity and continue in the project only online

  • Yes
  • No

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you can count me in :wink:


I’m in! It’s a nice occasion to meet use together.


It’s an honor to have you with us. A place at Celeste’s house will surely be assigned to you

I’d love to see you come too, Another place will be assigned to you given your work to this project, you two also have a beer offered by me :slight_smile: @renuzit


Great. You look like a hooligans. 600km by car?! :smile: 1 place at Celeste’s house is for you. Thank you for your help in sharing the link


Needless to say, a room will be reserved if they can come to:

And all the other programmers who contributed to the project like Egyptian Man, Kovach, NinjaPickles

I would be really happy and honored to meet you


I think it is a fantastic idea! I’m a broken old man living in the US, so I can’t make it. But this will be a bold move by those that can go, and will show people how committed the BitcoinZ community really is. If this meeting can be pulled off, it would not only give time for community brainstorming, but would also improve the overall image of the coin. People will see that BitcoinZ is alive and well. :heart:



hello good day

tink great idea will try be there



I won’t be able to go but I’d like to. Will you organize online broadcasting of the meeting?


@Solid I guess you are from Italy?!
Cause We will be with my family in Bibione from august 24-31. Would be cool to meet with you!
We also go for a trip to Greece in October.
So we will have two trip, thats why I cant come for the meetup. I gonna work hard except these days to get back the money.


No i live in Mexico, playa del Carmen. But my family Is there in Rome , i have Also half family in Greece … in Kalamata, so If you Need somenthing only send me a message :slight_smile:


Oh really I remember now… So sorry my brain left out sometimes. Hard to like me for this. :grin:
I hope We can have a trip to Mexico instead to eat some real Mexican food and have drinks.
Viva Mexico! …but I love Italy and Greece too!


You’re welcome everywhere :slight_smile:


I am looking into this and strongly considering it. Checking flights and stuff.


It would be an honor for everyone to have such an elder member like you with us, since you make such a long trip let me know if you come with your family and for how long. So that I book a bigger room for you and the family for every day you want to stay in Rome. So the meeting will be the excuse to visit the city with your wife :slight_smile: so I’m sure she’ll be happy too :slight_smile:


you are such a great Man Solid!


I wish I could go. I’m sure it would cost a fortune to fly from the US.


Maybe but if you dont pay nothing in Rome, and you find a offert, i flyght 1 time Whit 200€ Rome sanfrancisco Whit Norvegia low cost. I dont think Is so Expensive. New York have many offert too. Where are you?


It isn’t actually very expensive to fly to Rome from the US if booked this far in advance. I still need to get a passport. I’ve never left the US.