Free listing on exchange

Hello! Russian community is interested in promoting the coin on the exchanges.Therefore i want to post a link to a free listing on the young exchange. You just need to get a certain number of votes. Can I do this?


I’m in. Anything that gives the coin exposure


También apoyo todo lo que haga que esta moneda sea conocido

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Go to listing on aiodex. com. Free listing, need voting or donate. I am with russian community donate to listing. We need help.

No encuentro el listado, me registré pero no lo encuentro. Podes dejar el link?

Open this link, and search btcz
https: //aiodex. com /vote/

Everything that’s free is good :smiley: There are also I

Im against listing on untrustfull or unknown exchanges!

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why? It’s just publicity. If the exchange is fake and one day they will escape with all the money, will not steal only BTCZ but also BTC eth etc… So Btcz can’t risk anything as image.

How are you going to promote it?

I guess free listing can work, though any new coin would benefit from advertisement

What exchange? Of course it is good and will promote the coin, but there are many exchanges, people need a trustworthy one

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we do not need any new vulnerability. Only need new trustworthy exchanges, but good guess!

How is it going? Was it listed on several exchanges by Russian community?

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Sometimes new exchanges are good when they bring new features

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You can do it on the bitteam exchange