Gathering prizes for our developers


Hey Community,

As I am reading alot on Discord and forum, our developers are using their free hours for development of BTCZ. And as from my point of view I think that it is hard for someone who needs salary to support Family or life expenses to work for free. But still developers are doing their best.

Somehow I think it would be good to support our developers. They are doing amazing job. And they could get rewards for acomplished work.
Some of us are not good at coding or we do not have time, but still we would like to support BTCZ and all projects. So i was thinking that we could support them in a way like gether rewards for them from comunity. That is why i’m asking comunity how it would be if we would gather some founds for developers. You give as much as you want and if you want.
We could geather BTCZ in a wallet, and than send them out to Developers who finished some tasks like fixing plugins, wallets, and other stuff.

So what do you think?


It will be good! We need in good company


Im totally agree with You Rok!
We should better support our dear coders and developers.
How about making another category over this forum: Bounty projects.
There we could gather all the supported projects and ideas one by one each topic and licit each up on (funding projects.
As a newcommer or an existing coder could see which is worth better to work on or which mission / project meets with his - her skills and interests.
Now the forum is a bit messy. Hard to look through what is finished or has started or needs contributor.
Overall hard to find projects among basic talks and ideas or proposals.


Unless they speak up to the contrary, i would assume that the best possible current support/reward/thank-you for the developers would be donations of fiat currency - you know, the kind you pay rent and buy food with.


This is totally necessary.
However the best way to achieve this, would be by setting a small percentage (for example 2%) in the mining procedure of the btcz , which will be sent to a Community wallet , let’s name it a small Community fee , which our Community could use (with democratic procedure -voting ) for every case and for every need.

Please take in mind that this is compatible with our white paper. It is NOT a dev fee (like the miners apps’ dev fees which pay them) because it will NOT pay a specific developer or a specific team.
This is a COMMUNITY fee , which will be used for achieving bitcoinz’s vision sooner and with a better way.

For example with some funds we could faster have some payment gateways fixed in an emergency state (so we achieve safety) or we could develop some extra alternative ones by paying some external developers (so achieving even greater safety and decentralization).
Other scenarios could be using funds for marketing (for example paying for some exposure of certain articles or artwork of our members to high visiting sites or some youtube / twitter ads) , for listing into a new exchange or for developing something completely new like a new app.

So , a soft fork , implementing a small Community fund fee , would be the best option (because the very active members who may donate something by their own are maybe about one hundred while the miners of btcz are many hundreds or a few thousands and this would be equal for all, with much better funding outcome in the end).

Our white paper permits soft forks for safety and scalability , so this proposal would be compatible with bitcoinz project and a completely democratized weapon for the completion of its final goal: Freedom for the worldwide transactions.
Building a Community fund in order to expand is not something bad.
It would give new power to our Community , higher expansion speed to our project and could increase the probabilities for our final success.

The outcome will be the same : zero fee , fast transactions with free wallets for everyone in the world.
This proposal would not build a fund as payment to a CEO or someone in order to grant him riches.
So please again, DON’T confuse it with a DEV fee like the ZEC’s one or with a premine which is granting a fortune for some specific members in the beginning of a project.

Thank you all.
BitcoinZ will rule :slight_smile:


IMO, 2% is far too small a percentage for the Community Wallet to have the desired power and effect. I think we should be thinking much bigger.

I would see funding selected aspects of development as one of the uses, but not the only one, to which Community Wallet funds could/would be put.


2% is plenty, we want to distinguish Bitcoin Z from Zcash