Get Healthy with claiming BTCZ :P


Healthy life with BTCZ (BTCZ Run)

  1. An App let user to claim free BTCZ(using BTCZ from vaultz) by doing task like running/walking.

  2. Exchange in the app. Allow user to buy and sell BTCZ by using btc/eth/usdt… User to user exchange. Seller can set btcz selling price. Buyer can set btcz buying price.

  3. Task scroll. Use to obtain task to get btcz. Free scroll, advance scroll, legend scroll.

Example Plan:
Task scroll
a. Free scroll - user can get from register and verify account. Free scroll activate for 30days, get 1 free btcz by walk/run 5000steps everyday. 30days = 30btcz.

b. Advance scroll - available to purchase by using 500btcz. Activate for 60days, get 10btcz by walk/run 4000steps everyday. 60days = 600btcz

c. Legend scroll - available to purchase by using 3000btcz. Activate for 90days, get 50btcz by walk/run 3500steps everyday. 90days = 4500btcz

User can sell btcz - they will sell btcz for btc/eth/usdt
User can buy btcz- they will buy btcz by btc/eth/usdt and use btcz to purchase task scroll in order to get more btcz to sell or holding it for future.
I belive Btcz Seller will appreciate their coin and will sell with higher and higher price from days to days.
This create a good circle tat making btcz price going up and up.