Giveaway and generosity


Some people ask me; why do you give free BTCz ? Are you crazy ? Just throw the money out of the window !
…Nop, it does not grow in the grass.

So in late 2016, a friend gave me 0.1 BTC (about $ 60-80) ! For free ! If he did not do it, I will not be here today.
Also I continue this tradition, hoping that other peoples will do the same again and again.

Otherwise also and most important

The actual circulating supply is around 3’250’000’000 BTCZ. I have more that 1,5 million (and now it’s growing faster). So I have about 0.05% of all !!!

many people have more, very more !

So do you think that the BTCz will be successful if 80% of all the fortune is in the hands of the same and unique peoples (20% of users) ? And all the rest, only 20% of BTCz, are in the hands of 80% of peoples? It does not make you thinking about something already existing ?

If the BitcoinZ community (or any other crypto community) can not neutralize this 20/80 inequality, it will be a failure at all !

So I appeal to all the big BTCz owners (big whales): Be generous, it will pay for us all !

Thanks for reading.


give a little fortune to me ,

Thank you…


Thank you for this post! I have been advocating for a big time giveaway on all of our parts as this is the only way to get this coin into the hands of those who will eventually adopt it. And, whichever coin does it first will be the big winner. It’s simple “pump priming” and all good marketers do it to expose their product to newcomers. And, the giveaways are kept from the circle jerks of exchanges for just a bit longer time. I myself have given away tens of thousands and am looking to the opportunity to do it in an organized fashion. Anyone posting here Isn’t a likely recipient, but folks who have no way of buying or mining BTCZ, are. Keep up the good work!


I would also like to give friends to friends but I do not have BTCZ


no worries my bro, I’m preparing a tool that will allow you to receive and share. expected for monday, before Christmas.


I was sending 1000 BitcoinZ to your wallet. Welcome in the BitcoinZ community.


Giveaway BTCZ by eMail

So here, my christmas gift for the community is ready (in beta):

What does this app do ?

This tool allows you to send and receive BitcoinZ without needing to know the recipient’s wallet address. You just need his eMail address and he will be notified ! An expiration date may be set in order to recover the funds sent in case your friend is not interested (This friends will really be wrong).

Other updates will follow, including the integration of TXTz and the payment gateway. I plan to create a whole environment of payment with diverse and varied possibility …

Just singing, test this App and enjoy your weclome gift !


This tool is free of use and you also can examine the sources on github:
(I will update the git description and rewrite some code part’s in begin 2019)

:christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
:champagne: :champagne: :champagne:


I hope that these festivities have gone well for everyone !

Due to a bug related to login (upper-lower case), I updated the site to 0.1.1 (beta) release.

Everything is now in order, excuse me for the inconvenience. And thanks to an “Anonymous” user for making me notice that.

Note: It’s also in beta version, do not hesitate to communicate to me the possible problems.


Just finished a demo video:


I see that it’s her censorship, why does admin delete posts? And leave only those that suit you? Yes, it looks great, but it is not. The truth is great. Our censorship. Every day devoted to encrypting a wallet, but nothing. I’m writing to warn the community that the hacker found a bug like me on all wallets because the purse has a critical error. My money is gone. But I see only deleted my posts. I think you know about the bug and that’s why no one can sophisticately answer how to fix it. Unless this bug is solved, the big players will not hold the BTCZ because they will not risk the money. BTCz falls off.
HM :frowning:


Hi, I need some BTCz. Is anyone kind enough to send me some?

This is my address: t1ecpvqmFtLD2uKveXVaaokAgeYfDmaN4yF



Добрый день.
Расскажите подробно об уязвимости кошелька.


Hey, I wonder as well. I bet it has a good security


Hi, I will answer this weekend about the security / vulnerability of these tools … but I’m pretty sure of myself about servers security. This is a professional infrastructure hosted in Switzerland, and every tool (db, blockchain node and application) are in a separeted environement (and not a fast builded server at home).


So you give BTCZ for free to attract more people? It is worthy of respect


Hi @VIA ! First, welcome to the community :handshake::wave:

Thanks for your comment and don’t hesitate to give feedback on the usage.
Also, I’m not alone in fueling the giveaway, others in the community have been reloaded it to date. :blush:

Enjoye, Share and speek about BitcoinZ around you ! :muscle::+1:


Thank you for your reply! Sure, I wll follow your advice!


Hey, Marcelus! good idea with sharing! Appreciate it


Switzerland seems to be a good and reliable place for a server