Community hosted payment gateway


In order to have an alterative regarding the use of payment gateways (like or other third party gateway), I thinks it should be well to have an open-source solution as basis for every developer.

We can imagine to creating one?

CASHIER-BTC FORKED (Open source BTC payment gateway)

I modified the basis of the project to be able to comunicate with the BTCZ node. You can try this forked project from Github:
Changes over the original:

  • Updated node package for BTCZ support
  • Updated “SegWit” addresse generation into BTCZ addresses
  • Updated “listunspent” request

(You will probably have to fight about packages dependency’s and versions :blush:) See here functionality evidence print-screen’s:

PROBLEM (is a nodejs coder here?)

Someone with good nodejs experiences should have a look into the project code and the related node library’s. (ex.:bitcore-lib(-btcz), bitcoinjs-lib,…). I’m be able to modify the basis dependency’s, but I not fully understand some requests and response related to the transactions (TX).

The CoinMarketCap API (or other) should be integrated into for the currency conversion. And a Web page for the service description is needed too. So, a lot of work.

CoinMarketCap API

The CoinMarketCap API offer an interesting Hobbyist pricing that could allow us 2’000 requests per day. So we could begin with 10 currency support, that the conversion rate will be refreshed all 8-10 minutes.

Costs estimation (up to 500 users)


So, it’s about 500 BTCZ per month and per person in this forum (all count, but we also could be more than 500 user of the service). It’s very not an expensive project, it’s more time-consuming.


  • Hosted by the community, for the world.
  • Continuity in the service.
  • Could be financially autonomous.
  • A free for use test platform for developers.

We will need it sooner or later. Who is interested in helping?


Im not fully understanding what is it about. Is it a new type of plugin?
Is it a better solution? I guess yes but Im noob in codeing.
I appriciate your work anyways Marcelus!


:sweat_smile: Yep, I also read me again… and the explanation of what I would like to do is not clear. I will update the post.

… It’s about to create a other Payment Gateway like, but an fully open-source solution.


Can I say how much I love you Marcelus ?!?

You really rock man !!


yeah we need a source code or an replication of payment gateway…