Google Ads for BTCZ (please vote)

I am forwarding a translated version of @robkot proposal:

Hello BTCZ friends,

Let me introduce myself. I deal with online advertising for the last 3 years and I own a company specializing in promotion of Client services and products, mainly via Google and Facebook. You may know me for the lottery system that I established at bitpaylink where you can bet BTCZ on the last 4 hash numbers of every 1000th BTCZ block ( You can also directly buy BTCZ through it using FIAT.

To increase BTCZ awareness, one of the most important factors we are missing is good advertisement. Not just usual ad but a powerful one that will attract people willing to invest in BTCZ. We need this to reverse BTCZ price trend and increase trade volume. Every newly involved person will have an impact on BTCZ. We have to act now to change current BTCZ perception of a dying coin, as I think that if we hit 0.1 sat there might a point of no return.

What I believe is needed to achieve that goal is investing in Google Ad so that BTCZ website would appear in the Google searches. I am happy to set this up voluntarily and free of charge, however we would need to raise funds for the advertising that Google will charge us for. There are two options for billing with Google.

First option: I would set up a new account in Google Ads in the name of someone who will be willing to use their credit/debit card for Google payments – this person can also record invoices if they want to include the costs in their business. I will only manage the account. Here we would need a volunteer.

Second option: I have one free account in Google Ads, still operating according to the old rules, where the payment card is not required. I could top it up as a prepaid account by bank transfer. In this case, you do not need anybody’s payment card, but you will probably not be able to change personal information and I would remain the owner of the account. Only the owner of the account can add the funds, therefore it will not be possible to raise invoice to someone else than me. Here we could use VaultZ funds.

I would present the community with regular reports on the effects and costs of the ad campaign, so that everything would be transparent. The data would also be visible in Google Analytics and on the website itself. I believe that with a relatively low cost, we will be able to acquire attention of many unique users from all over the world. To start off we would need around $200 a month. Payment for advertising could be made in BTCZ at the current buy rate on the crex24 exchange. I buy BTCZ for BitPayLink all the time, so there will be no additional supply on the exchanges dumping the price. We could raise these funds either through voluntary donations or use VaultZ.

Regarding the BTCZ website - I also think that there is a need to create one additional subpage on - a button in the middle of the page, a bar saying “Invest in BitcoinZ”. As much as people like to view a nice website, they also like a real human contact and they want to have an option of contacting someone. This is why there should be a contact form on the subpage for people to ask question about different investing options, further explaining how the cryptocurrencies work and why BitcoinZ is a good investment for the future, which wallet to choose from and more.

Google tags will have to be added on the website, I can give them to the site administrator once the ads are set up. We would focus on inquiries interested in investing in BTCZ, this is what we need.

I invite you to start commenting on the subject as well as to take part in the poll to probe Community’s take on this very vital matter.

What do you think should be done? (Poll remains active for 1 month)

  • I would like to volunteer to contribute to a 200 USD per month for BTCZ Google Ads
  • Let’s arrange required 200 USD per month through VaultZ
  • I hate the idea, BTCZ does not need ads campaign

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I would advise you instead to ask the community for advertising money, to start working well on your SEO.
With this loading speed and SEO score you are practically throwing away 200 usd a month. (I have been working with google adwords for 7 years and I can safely tell you that sites so slow and with lower SEO pay a single click much higher than the competitors)

I will honestly not vote on this proposal as it is done in a misleading way.
-I hate the idea, BTCZ does not need ads campaign.

Here we dont speak about BTCZ, we speak about that is a unofficial website of btcz created by a member of the community like other web sites and projects, btcz poker site, minecraft game or bitpaylink, all use btcz but not for that they use the money of the community for the ads.

The official website of BTCZ is , a website that is advertised with 65 usd at mounth by rock with adwords. (1.2 million btcz had been sent to him in August and I don’t know if the advertising is continuing. i think if the community have to spend on google adwords, it should be spent on the official site and help rock with its campaign.)

So this is my vote (I write the option since it is not there) :

  • NO i don’t think it’s fair to advertise but i think it’s fair to advertise BTCZ and its site by sending rock the money to pay for the promotion.

It’s just my thinking. I wish you success with your proposal.

It can be any page. The website is simply nicer than the official one. SEO has no influence on paid advertising. I won’t pay more than $ 0.1 per click, and the emphasis will be on conversions related to people’s interest in buying BitcoinZ.


I would tell you to trust me since I work in this field for large trading companies, but I do not want to seem obnoxious and I hope that your ads will have a good result, my advice is to at least increase the speed of the site if you want to do a good job with adwords. I leave you an interesting link. bye and good luck for your work.

I forgot to add. Whoever has a better ads campaign idea that he/she would like to volunteer at and lead by investing their time, effort and transparently report on the results of such, please step up and present your proposal.

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Hmm, I support advertising new website, we need this!

And yes @GreyFox I made a proposal. But when I was making that was not listed as one of the official sites, but you can see that site is listed on CMC, coingecko and other crypto site. Back then I decided that I will wait till the new website arrives. Sorry but I did not want to promote the site with outdated data, exchanges, broken links. And yes I received compensation for previous work which I made for ads on coincodex, ads over FB and other similar stuff, that was one time payment. I did not receive anything from vaultZ from that day on. so please don’t say that I’m receiving btcz for promoting. I promote now on FB I promote Poker site, I promote BTCZ with posts and I promote I will not promote broken website. Not with my money.
New website is updated, and rich and aesthetically appealing to more people.

So once again:
So I have to be sincere that all my efforts in advertising are about this site during the last months. With my money.
The other site is not maintained properly. Exchanges are listed while they don’t work for btcz while other apps are not listed despite they work for our project…
And yes I created the proposal, but would like that someone else takes it so @Monobody I support the idea. I have a lot of work with Ledger which is in final stages, and if needed I will spend money there to create that project. And I will be more than happy that someone else makes ADS for our website.

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Hi rock.
Please read again what i writed:
“1.2 million btcz had been sent to him in August and I don’t know if the advertising is continuing”

I think is true… and i writed that i don’t know if the ads continue so i don’t understanding your words
“Please don’t say that i m receiving Btcz for promoting” if i never say …

That said I have nothing else to say, you’ve always been an important member of the community and I understand you’re trying to help Btcz, but I don’t think 200usd a month on Google can help it.

People don’t need to see another altcoin in advertising, people need to use altcoin for something. In my opinion, it would make more sense to spend $200 to advertise Minecraft and make new guys play. But I leave it to you to decide how to spend it. :slight_smile:

See you :wink:

That was not for promoting that was compensation. We needed active website which was updated before start advertising. :slight_smile:

I wanted to advertise instead since the new website is updated and has a nice landing page, which for example you always need if you want to advertise with coincodex.

And spending 200 a month and seeing positive site visits and get more “customers” jea that is smart. Else if we will not see any results, yes I agree with you, we should stop. But any advertiser knows this. So hell yeah lets try it for 3 months and see results.

And yes spending for ads which mention use cases of btcz is most important and new website will probably have also this section and will be easier to promote something trough one site which has it all.
I hope that you understand me, but we all need to work together.

see ya :slight_smile:

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I totally agree with spending funds in order to build more and more things around BITCOINZ.

Maybe it is more effective to spend funds for SEO campaigns for the desired sites (instead of Google ads) because it will cost less and we will likely have better (organic) results for specific keywords.

I have personally run a few for this with very good results, as the getbtcz site is scoring now in the 2nd page of results with “bitcoinz” in google search and in the very first with other engines like Yahoo.
I have to remind to everyone that until a few months ago , when you were giving “bitcoinz” keyword in the Google , you were getting results for the classic bitcoin with a related msg informing you!

However a test of advertising using Google for one or two months won’t be a bad scenario.
I won’t vote about this either positively or negatively.

A few things about what Greyfox said : 1) For the SEO scoring using platforms and suites, I assure you Greyfox that these are completely subjective and their results mean almost nothing in reality.

For example the platform you used to present us the “poor” result of 58% for getbtcz, is giving 43% for
I am reminding you that Amazon is one of the most popular and top visited sites of the world.

So please don’t misinform people with such things.

  1. you mentioned that getbtcz is not an official site and that is the only official one.

What you really mean by that ? It doesn’t sound good and it is definitely unreal.

First of all , a Community driven Project can have more than one sites (many cryptos have more than one sites).
Secondly, what an “official” site should mean for you ?
a) Maintained properly?
b) providing rich and updated information?
c) accepted by the most people who are interested about the Project?

Getbtcz is fulfilling everything from the above (in reality unfortunately is not updated for many things leaving a gap that we had to fill and we did with

Additionally, getbtcz offered two extra features for the Project :.
The cryptospedia (that tries to add value and trustworthiness to the btcz brand) and the human translation system (which will bring results soon and will offer a new dimension of Community interaction and participation).

For all these and the upgraded aesthetics, getbtcz is listed by all the popular informative crypto sites like CMC, coingecko, etc as an official
btcz website and a trusted representative-domain for the project.

I really cannot understand the denial in which you have personally been about this site.
Maybe you feel a little uncomfortable because you had been in a hurry some months ago, spreading negative info about it before its official launch, (like that it is very ugly and such if I remember right).
The liking of each person is an objective thing and I guess that I cannot do something about it.

In any case though, this site is now recognised as an official btcz one. It took a massive work of many months and it will be expanding in the future, with the Community translation and the Cryptospedia/Cryptoblog sections, in order to serve the btcz Project even more efficiently.

It would be better for you to get over it and stop treating getbtcz as a just “peripheral” subproject or something.

BitcoinZ Community needed a good site with regular updates and it finally got it.


Forgive me, but I have no interest in teaching you about seo. you talk about Amazon because you don’t know how seo works. I avoid commenting again. If the community wants to sponsor, I can only wish: Good luck

Judge them by results, not by words. We have solid result from @robkot in form of a working lottery and BTCZ/FIAT purchase option. I think we should give our BTCZ friend @robkot a chance and after, for example 3-6 months time, decide whether his efforts are worth further community support in form of VaultZ or private donations or not.

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I made a suggestion some time ago. Which was approved, but due to lack of funds (personal) I did not run it. I’m working on Ledger, which is my priority right now.
I therefore think that we can use the resources from this proposal on this proposal:

And @robkot or @Monobody whoever wants to run these ads can be funded from my proposal (from VaultZ). We don’t need another proposal for the same thing (I think). I resign my proposal to someone else. No problem with me. All is for BTCZ and for community.



Well in that case I think we should start already this December and revisit @robkot 's ads performance in 3 or 6 months from now. You could post some reports here @robkot .

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The results of the entire advertising campaign getbtcz from the beginning to today.
4-13 december

blue - views
red - clicks
orange - CPC - Cost Per Click
green - total costs

zł = PLN
0.08 PLN = 0.0022 USD
95.53 PLN = 26.17 USD


Great job @robkot :slight_smile: I see many people are joining on Discord so your Ads are moving in right direction :slight_smile:

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I was waiting for such information. So this is the right direction. Happy :slight_smile:

No ads at the moment. Google problem after crash. I’ll let you know when it starts again.