Help! I can't open a wallet * ANDROID *


Maybe you work for " GOOGLE " or android development team is there any way you can make the Bitcoinz wallet usuable on my " BETA " development platform on my Android app.

I tried " Remotely " getting this installed from the web to " QUE " android on my smartphone to download this but it says it isn’t compatible with my Samsung Rugby .

Can we get this working Im eager on throwing some " TERRA " hashes your way! I really am excited to get started mining BITCOINZ… Can we expedite this to work with my android account comoxvalleylawncare at gmail
Thanks! Was it really M?..


Its not gonna work.

You will need a fairly decent android phone.

You cannot mine btcz with an asic. There is no way to have TH. Even to get a 1 million hash rate you would need near 2000 GPU. Sorry :confused: