Help invitation friends


Hello sorry but I’m going crazy to look for the button to invite a friend to join! Is there a sharing button or not? Does anyone know how to help?


Hi @Solid,

See the bellow print screen:

  1. Click your profil image
  2. Click on preferences
  3. Click Invites

And you will see the “+ Send an invite”


I dont have this button


So, I think you have to be a “Member” but you are only “Basic user” for now (show trust level).

Continue to post, read and like a little more and your trust level will be upgraded.


Ah ok. Here Is some place for check how many comment Need for upgrade? The system do in automatic or the admin do It?
Thanks for explain me the funcionality of the forum


This should help for info:


Yes i understand. But I did not understand if the admin makes this assessment or an automated system in the site


Ah ok now i understand you buy a system that do automatic and the admin set this tool. Ok .
Becouse in Your link Say that i can not upload jpg, but i Can. So now i understand. Thanks