HolderZ Club concept (Passed)

Fellow BTCitiZens,

With @robkot (BitPayLink Lottery), we thought of creating a platform that would unite BtcZ enthusiasts. True BtcZ believers consider current BtcZ joke-price of 1 sat unworthy of this gem and hodl for a long run. We could create a platform with a sexy name ‘HolderZ Club’, ‘HodlerZ Club’ or ‘BtcZ HolderZ Club’ that would display the power of our network and calculate how many BTCitiZens are there and how strong we are.

By transferring a symbolic amount of let’s say for example 1 BtcZ - an anonymous person would then “tag” his/her transparent -t address and automatically become a HolderZ Club VIP member. The HolderZ Club platform would then add up all the members’ balances and would dynamically (we are thinking close to real time) calculate a ratio of HolderZ Club members coins vs. currently circulating BtcZ. USD value of the HolderZ Club would too be displayed. The platform would have statistics and lists regarding number of addresses, BTCZ total amount, BTCZ amount accessible on other exchanges, members number dynamics over time, etc… There would also be a possibility to by investment packages directly with FIAT to join the BtcZ club (similarly to what is now possible in the BTCZ lottery).

The platform’s goal would be to encourage hodling and reducing the supply to strengthen BtcZ price. We would then promote this unique solidarity initiative on social media and we suspect it might become a unique news that could attract more people to this project. Of course the platform would also include BTCZ info promoting our coin (BTCZ FAQ and all the pros of our coin), similarly to the lottery/new BTCZ webpages. There is potential (symbolic/non-proportional) VaultZ-powered staking mechanism that could be added, sort of a giveaway, but this is highly hypothetical for now and is not important for this platform, rather something to consider in a long run. Any volunteers willing to help us with creating HolderZ Club would be more than welcome!

With @robkot, we trust this is a concept worth developing that would add value to our BTCZ network.

But first we need to probe people’s feelings about this idea. Please share your comments and your attitude towards this idea. We want to see if there is any willingness among BTCitiZens for us to proceed with this! Take care guys and see you on Saturday! :slight_smile:

HolderZ Club is:

  • Good idea, I would join it.
  • Bad idea, I would never join it.

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I voted YES, but there are some concerns.

  1. I trade most of my coins, sell and buy. This is more good than bad, because I increase trading volume on exchanges, decrease the risk of delisting. I trade at Crex24, Graviex and Stex. I can reserve some of my coins at certain address but this will not be full amount.
  2. Crypto is about anonymity and I think most of BTCZ holders would prefer to stay anonymous. So, full anonymity should be provided.
  3. IMO solidarity will last only until price goes up. But let’s see. :wink:
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Thanks for your feedback!
1 - Thanks for keeping that volume alive! :slight_smile: Sounds good.
2 - Yes, obviously you are right. We never thought of linking any addresses to personal details. It would be an enhanced variant of the ‘top 100’/‘richlist’ tab of blockchain explorer.
3 - Yes again, we do not mine/buy coins just to collect them, they have to be used eventually. Time will tell how viable this tool is.

Then that’s where i dont get you point ^^ .
You know throught the explorer you can see how much each address have or not .
If you don’t want to be spy then create a Z address .

And there it is you are anonymous ^^ .

For me the project is cool but it should really stay on the limits just to collect the infos of the address like a explorer do and nothing more .
If not our privacy point of the community paper would be violated .