How to mining on Ubuntu

On Ubuntu I’ve installed BitcoinZ node and in bitcoinz.conf I set gen=1 so it’s mean that application should mining. On the YT I saw that on Windows we have to install BitcoinZ miner GUI.
On Ubuntu I have to install some additional application?
Where I can check that bitcoins are mined?
getwalletinfo show me still the same value in my wallet.

Hi I am not sure about the Ubuntu setup, I would check their Discord

I mine using pools on Windows only using bitcointalk site to get gminer for nvidia cards and lolminer for AMD cards.

You don’t have to install their BitcoinZ miner GUI

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Ok, but on Ubuntu in Docker on notebook mining is possible?

I’ve seen your applications to mining on Windows. But I still don’t understand one thing.
Here is bitcoinz project:
github .co_m /btcz/bitcoinz
I’ve installed it on Ubuntu. In bitcoinz.conf I have set gen=1 that is mean that this app will be mining.
What is difference between upper application and yours intended for Windows?

Hi your best bet is to join the discord for these ?s