"Hydra" : A New Community Structure


Anytime you don’t like what you hear you call it trolling. Just like when you become Vandar The Magnificent Trusted Guardian! Veto anyone you want. You are the self serving dictator you pretend to be guarding against so full of your own ignorance. I asked a lot of simple questions of you and you refused to answer any of them, one of which was if vote buying was legal? How many votes did you buy? Who did you promise what for their votes. I am only trying to prevent the disaster headed this way. How long have you been around here? I have been here since November 10 2017. I sit on several million BTCZ and have sold and given away several million more, you clown. How many are you holding? This was a great project until you and your childish proposal came along doing just what was warned against when it was decided that miners should pay a 5% tax. If you or anyone else around here can read, try rereading my first objections/warning about how ugly this proposal is and would become. All of it has happened already and you haven’t even been granted your desired title yet. Run your scam somewhere else as your arrogance is astounding.


Haha man I wonder with Vandar’s patience.
If I were in his place and you were talking this way to me , after such a shitload of hard work , I doubt that I would handle it like he tried to do with you for so many weeks.

He has answered everythjng to everyone , even to many unreal questions of you, like taxing issues , centralization issues , unfair rules for the miners and other rudiculous things.

He evn tried to explain to you what is democracy, something which as we ALL see , you dont know.
You now start accusing those who work for btcz , that they are tryin to obtain the vaultz keys and to gain money, and that this vaultz-hydra idea was a bad idea. Ok, all those you say are bullshit.

Let me tell youwhat I think :
The price of the coin had started falling many months before Vandar started throwing ideas. Because the most people are like YOU , they only criticize and they never do anything for free. So btcz with no premine was doomed to fail.
When the most understood that this would take hard work jn order to thrive, and that there were no funds,becaus’ only 20-30 people were donating, btcz started to stagnate and the price started to fall hard together with all the bear market AND the bad events like the ccex delisting, the community split with the other btcz fork etc.

So if something can truly save this coin is VAULTZ , this was a magnificent idea which should have been thrown many months ago but thanks god Vandar came here.
If this project had 50 guys like Vandar from the beginning, it would have been in the top100 coins for sure, but there are very few people who work for free so much.

For VAULTZ people were informed and they voted.
If you dont like it and you thought that btczis doomed because of it or hydra, you could sell your coins to many exchanges.

Vandar please stop talking to him and continue your great work with the other devs!


You might try giving it another read. Seems you missed a few points, pal. I have given hundreds of thousands of BTCZ to developers and millions more away along with selling a couple million over the counter and hold many more. You? I am invested in this greater than most. This proposal looks like a set of rules for a backyard boys club and Nothing like a real business and Vandar The Great never answered any of the pertinent questions I asked. When is he going to tell us how many he promised to pay off with coins for votes? When is this going to be incorporated and where? How does he propose to deal with regulators and attorneys fees. Why not make a trustless proposal instead of this lame effort. I don’t care how long he worked it’s a POS or worse a blatant effort at corruption. It has all of the earmarks of the corrupt. Where is your quorum? Yeah, go ahead and look it up. I’ll wait. Tired of listening to all the same blather again and again. As for what has happened since this joke has been proposed? Look at the nethash. Halved in the last 4 weeks. Yeah, everyone is real excited about this. All 60 of the votes he bought. Then nothing since. If ya can’t stand a few questions then move on. None have been answered. How about vote buying, Vandar? Answer the question.


No more words to you @HarryArms, sorry.

I have much work to do and you have only insulted me again and again.
You even accused me of buying the 60+ votes , when almost everyone among them is active member in the btcz Community both in here and in the Discord channel.

In contrast with the very few NO votes which came mainly from accounts which were made after the proposal and I have personally never noticed them in other threads in here or in our Discord channel.

All your claims are based on lies and trolling.

If you ever wish to talk to me and take answer about something , you will have to be serious and show the minimum respect.

This insanity ends here.
VaultZ + Hydra are functional , you know this many weeks ago.
If you are not interested in the project because of these changes , there are 3000+ other projects with cryptos to follow.
We cannot change anything because you are almost the only one who wants us to do so.

Take care


Ask the “Trusted Guardian” for something? I wouldn’t trust you with a plug nickel. I have been trying to stop this insanity by asking some basic business questions of you again and again and you have no answer because you have no idea what you are doing. So you call it lies and trolling. Typical childish ignorant response as everything you do is. Your foolishness has driven down net hash to below 100 now. Good job Vandar! You have chased away half of the miners since this crap started and you are certain to drive the rest away as you finish this off in the next few weeks. I would laugh at this and you if I hadn’t come to realize I have wasted nearly two years invested in this only to see it destroyed by a childish lamebrain scam.


Harry, I dont think you get the point…
I just read your first comment. Yes, you are right that money is taken away from the miners, but it is for a good cause! What do you think miners like me want? Yes, a price increase of BTCZ and updates of new functions. So I think the 5% of fees are fully legalized to move BitcoinZ forward and increase the price. Of course you can complain about it, but please dont do it in such an aggressive way.

And leave Vandar alone, he’s a correct guy.
So stop now and complain to another cryptocurrency community !


Harry asks the right questions for the future of BTCZ and its members
Several problems are in sight
-What do you do with decisions made by personal feelings against members?
-What do you do for corruption of votes with bribes?
-What do you do if vaultz keys are stolen
Vandar did not answer any questions from Harry.
Where is your transparency Vandar ???
In the place of trying to explain how you are going to handle the problems, instead you showed hostility towards a member who gets intoxicated enormously, because you have no answers to his questions
it would be better if you do not answer if you do not have the answer
Hydra is a good idea if no human presence is needed
A bot has no feelings, no corruption and very loyal.
This is the one that could do all the power to btcz “its transparency” to any type of people and any type of behavior


I get the point just fine, Dennis. Look around and see if you can see any other valid crypto run by such a bad joke. They set up foundations, organize a corporation etc. to deal with all the regulation coming at you in the future. Something not prone to deceit or personalities like this is. Something respectable. This is a bad joke. Embarrassing. The exact opposite. Just the fact that it is voted on in secret should be a clue. The public only sees what is on ANN. You got to be invited to get in here and when they don’t like me I guess they just turn me off, eh? Only those invited get to vote, and then it’s voted on before comment. Why not comment on something for 30 days before a vote to give ANY of these “proposal” some manner of validity? Quorum? Ever hear of it , Anyone? My goodness you are all so blind. And you’re going to run these flakey elections how often on every little decision and Vandar get to veto what he doesn’t think is right? How silly. This coin is going into the toilet and the only winner is Vandar because he is running a one billion BTCZ scam on all of you and you don’t even see it. 5% of all BTCZ ever mined are going into his greedy little fingers whether this coin is ever worth something or not. That is the whole point of "trustless’ mechanisms like BTC; no one person can get control of it. Can you envision some clown called a “Trusted Guardian” running Bitcoin? Would people be pouring billions of dollars into it? Of course not and this foolishness being perpetrated here guarantees BTCZ scam status until it dies. Wake up.


Hugo gets it. It is very hard to speak into the face of a mob. You all keep speaking of “democracy” like you know what you are talking about. In a democracy the majority rules. If the majority wants to take your bike, they can take your bike. Just like a mob. That isn’t the spirit of crypto currency, that is the opposite. What is the slogan of BTCZ “financial independence?” Not under this mob rule and not under the thumb of some “Trusted Guardian.” The perfect title for a socialist tyrant. When are you going to give this up for a “trustless” mechanism?
And a heads up to anyone who is paying attention, I have nothing against Vandar personally. It’s this proposal that he came up with and he is the one leading it so he gets to hear my ire and disgust at what is going on. It’s not Vandar, it is this whole voting process that is corrupt. It has happened here before and all that have been around for long know it. I will continue to point out in the strongest terms how foolish this whole thing is until I decide to walk away from the coming destruction. You need a quorum to get a valid vote and you all are ignoring that fact.


I have nothing against vaultz “he is our Robin Hood” it is an asset for the BTCZ and for the community. Want to corrupt Robin Hood
must be impossible by all means.


Hugo who joined in the end of May here, just after the proposal, is getting it and all the other 60+ members , most of which are here for one or even about two years and many of them have dedicated full time working hours in this project, are not gettin’ it eh ?

You are funny @HarryArms and I believe that you are tryin to SPREAD FUD , maybe hugo is even your alter ego with second profile (admins have to check some things about it).

You say so many bullshit and you dare to complain for dictators taking over ! Lol, of we had dictatorz here you would have been banned with so mNy different opinions that you have expressed.
In reality, you would have been banned by the most crypto forums with such offensive speaking to one of the main designers who was keep answering to you with very good manners.

Despite this fact you keep saying the same bullshit, again and again.

First of all you are a big fat lier , because you accused the proposer for bribery.
For those who know even the basic inside this community, seeing the icons of the voters, can easily understand that your claim is impossible to happen because Vandar has made it to unite every member old and younger ones, with very nice ideas, not by paying.
First of all , all these people are proven real supporters of the coin and seeing all those people supporting the ideas , means that Vz and hydra proposals are for the good of the coin.

The voting time is long enough in the btcz forum, and the proposer let almost time of 3 weeks, the super max for btcz and for cryptos in general. In the most projects they vote for one week.
If you were a member of those “company like” cryptos you wouldn’t even vote/choose for anything and with such behavior you would have been banned for sure as well. You are free to try it and join them and try to talk this way.

Finally , you claim that a “closed” team is deciding about everything?

  1. this team is much wider for btcz than the teams of other crypto
  2. everyone is free to join , but he has to respect the other members (something that is not happening jn your case to be sincere)
  3. I noticed that the proposal was linked in the ANN forum and all the social media fromt the very first moment , so again you lie.

Why to believe a proven lier like you and not Vandar and dozens of other members who have worked so hard for the project?
So dont wonder why you are considered a FUDing Troll man.

Even for the Vz , you are so nervous about it, the keys stealing scenarios etc.
You are giving this situation so big dimensions like this is your personal wallet. Lol take it easy, you are not forced to mine btcz.
We are all miners and we all decided for this to expand the coin.

Based on your behavior we are assured that people like you are the dangerous for stealing, and thnx god there are those protection measures in hydra preventing this from happening. This is obviously the reason why you got so nervous with this proposal. Because the bad actors cannot inflitrate into btcz anymore.
The trolls cannot pass things even with fake votes.
The project is moving to much better days with a strong team by core community members all together united and this is something that obviously bothering some people like you.

Hey people just ignore this troll


Dio, you get it right. Thanks, man ! :+1:
And Harry… If you ever dealt with him (Vandar) in a non aggressive way, you would know he is a friendly and competently guy ! With no intention of taking anything away from someone.


Dio? Your brain is broken, pal. You make me laugh. Your lousy handle on the language puts you at a mighty disadvantage, but like I said, if you could read, it’s hard to stand the in face of a mob. Just because you like this proposal doesn’t make it good, either. If you could read, you would see the weaknesses I pointed out that none of you lame brains have considered. And what does Hugo’s longevity have to do with anything you dolt? Why won’t any of you clowns answer the simplest of questions? My behavior is to enlighten those who can think. You are not one of them.


Are you another non-reader, Dennis? I pointed out exactly my position if you can read and put on a thinking cap. Can you define “quorum” for me Denny? Or is that just another “bullshit” question?


Ah, nvm. I dont have time to discuss with closed minded people. Have a nice day :wink:


My goodness some simple questions seem to stump you folks and no one has time enough to answer but surely enough time to call me names. Isn’t any one of you just curious a little why these questions aren’t answered? Not one of the cheerleaders of this proposal asked one question. Just 60 votes in the first few days then nothing.
Vote buying?
Why not Trustless?
Auditing the “Trusted Guardian”
Come on. Surely there is one of you thinkers that can answer such simple queries? Closed minded? Because I have the temerity to ask a few questions of this cult of personality? That statement simply makes no sense, a non sequitur, but if it makes you feel better.


:point_right: I Already answerd this it seems: How to you define it ? minimum the 1/2 of member here ? … So you can wait one year to have it …

:point_right: The cost was also low :rofl: It’s delirium, buying 65 votes? The 700+ member are free to manifest themselves.

:point_right: in any structure it is necessary to trust someone (or a group of people). this peoples are usually put forward automatically by the comunity :rofl:

:point_right: Wy not :thinking: But I do not think it should be you who does it

I wonder if it’s not you who reads between the lines only.


Doing something just to be doing something is the worst reason ever for doing something. So, quorum is what is needed no matter how long it takes. 1/2 seems good to me. As an aside, don’t you ponder at all why 60 voted yes right off the bat Without One NO vote until I started raising a few questions then the support stopped, and then a few No votes? Or why hash rate fell by half about the same time? Just curious if anyone around here ever thinks before acting. As for vote buying? How much was offered those who support this scam and for how long? In most cases Any form of vote buying would make any so-called vote corrupt. Not hard to garner votes from a few friends when you offer them a cut of a billion BTCZ for a bumper sticker or thumbs up repost or what have you? How ignorant can you be if you don’t understand the whole concept of BTC etc is that it is “trustless?” My goodness does this really escape you people? I have no idea who you are and you have no idea who I am but the coin just keeps mining and it keeps showing up in our wallets and I don’t have to trust you or anyone else one bit. But now you (deleted) have decide to “elect” with 60 votes a “Trusted Guardian” to oversee one billion BTCZ! This is thhe perfect definition of “scam coin.” I am the one who is laughing at you if it wasn’t so sad! And how are you going to deal with the regulators when they outlaw your coin because they are outlawing “privacy coins” all over the world right now? You gonna step up and be responsible, Marcellus? Vandar? Dennis? Incorporate or when the regulators or lawsuits come your way you will be held personally responsible. As for auditing the hehehe “Trusted Guardian” and his cohort, you are gonna have to pay a licensed CPA firm for that. Gonna cost you some cash. You paying, Marcellus? And if you don’t audit, how long before you get sued for substandard business practices or neglect of fiduciary responsibility? Some more simple questions needing answers. I know full well what I am reading. I am not a game playing child.


LOL @HarryArms arms you are a fuckinTroll 4sure , u are unmasked now.

After your try to convince us that you are caring for the good of the project, after wondering why this vote lasted for only three weeks and not a year or something, after you called dictatorship the 94% YES and democratic the 6% which was only you and likely another profile of yours, you now pass to the next phase : you try to scare everyone who is working for the coin and you threaten them that they will be liable in an aftermath of possible crypto regulations etc.

First of all there are bout 5 thousands cryptos out there with the most being pure SCAM with ICOs and premines and instamines and “”"“developers”""" which have dissapeared to make money from the next scam.
You are accusing volunteers who have never been paid for their hard work to expand this project, which by the way is among the VERY FEW with transparent launch and no icos and premined intransparent funds!!?
LMAO , how LOWER can you fall with your behaviour?
You are a really BAD troll man.

This is a PURE Community coin, something that you knew from the very first moment.
So Community is deciding , and Community is not you or a few passing Trolls from here, it is the majority of ALL the active members.
If you are not ok with this just STOP spending time or mining resources for BTCZ. NOBODY is forcing you to mine the coin or to buy it .
In reality, NOBODY told you that you have to ““invest”” in cryptos in general, because as you know everybody is saying that this is an extremely risky hobby and you should only throw money that you only afford to lose, so crying and threatening Community members , because you had other visions for the coin (which for the most of us would be catastrophic, especially now after seeing your way of thinking and speaking) is at LEAST RUDICULOUS.

I suggest to visit your psycotherapist asap and stop spending time in here, really


Dolts like you keep coming up with inane things to say about me but never seem to be able to answer the simple questions stated. You are creating a business here with this dopey proposal and you are going to get your pannies in a bunch when the taxman comes calling. Go piss up a rope until you can come up with something intelligent to write.