I just need a little boost


I would like to start to analyze the BitcoinZ source code. I understand C/C++ code, but I’m not used to work with it, so I would like to get some advices about the best IDEs for Linux and the best way to start to debug it (to understand it) after clone it from github.
By the way, my background is the Java programming language and I tried to do that with the Eclipse IDE for C++, but I don’t think it gonna work.


To all of you coming from Java, these are the steps I followed to import the BitcoinZ project in my lovely Eclipse. Remember to download the Eclipse CDT IDE
First of all, you need to clone the BitcoinZ project somewhere in you hard drive. You can clone it using the Eclipse IDE, with the EGit Eclipse plugin or directly from the command line with:

git clone https ://github. com /btcz /bitcoinz. git (without spaces)

Inside the cloned folder there’s a README.md file where you can see the steps to compile the source code and create the binary files. It’s important to create those files, because you CAN NOT debug/run the project directly from the source code as you can in Java, and those steps will be generating the makefile file. So, it’s important to run the next commands from the command line

cd bitcoinz
./zcutil/build.sh -j$(nproc)

Now, inside Eclipse:
File->Import->Git->Projects from Git
Existing local repository
Add… (where you should look for the cloned folder)
Import using the New Project wizard
C/C+±>Makefile Project with Existing Code
Click on ‘Browse’ and look for the cloned folder again
Under Project Name choose a desired name (e.g., bitcoinz)
Under Toolchain for Indexer Settings choose ‘Cross GCC’

After a few minutes the project will be ready to use, with almost 100 binaries to choose from, to run or debug the project.
What’s the right binary I should use given my architecture?
Short answer: No idea.


Can somebody explain me the big differences between BitcoinZ and ZCash? I’m seeing exactly the same source code in both projects.


You kidding me! We have our unique own Algorythm!


No offense intended, I’m just trying to learn what’s the code is doing, but I’m not seeing any big difference with the ZCash source code. Could you please let me know what’s the file I should look for to see the BitcoinZ algorithm and where is the Zhash algorithm for ASIC resistance?


Afaik: https://github.com/btcz/bitcoinz


Yes, I know where the github repository is. Actually I have cloned both repositories for BtcoinZ and ZCash projects, and I can’t find any difference between them. That’s why I would like some help to find the files with the BitcoinZ unique algorithm and the Zhash algorithm for ASIC resistance. Do you know how to find them?