Import of Old style Private keys into new Copay wallet


I have a old Windows BitcoinZ wallet which I had not used in over a year. I have now downloaded the latest Copay wallet and would like to import my old Private keys. The problem I am having is the copay wallet will only accept a standard 12 word pass phrase and not the old PK with wallet address as the old wallets use to.

I wouldn’t mind to just send the coins to the new wallet but the old wallet will not connect to the block chain. I assume there has been some changes…(?)

Any advice how and if my old wallet will still work for the purpose of a transaction or a wallet where I can use the old style private key ?


Hi - you’ll have to just get the latest windows wallet version 1.4.0 from the official github repo.

Please make several copies if your wallet.dat and your private keys before upgrading.

After you get the wallet synced and running you can send your coins to copay wallet address.