Increase Facebook advertising


I think it’s good to increase Facebook advertising and posts. To make the project known. Who is the Facebook manager?

You have to post the posts in multiple languages! the admin who administration Facebook page must select “Post in multiple languages” the translation is automatic. post in ITA Eng ES FRA German Russian! minimum

Invest some money in sponsoring the page. We must have more like, and make known the news. I can use my PayPal account for payments! The important thing is that we start working in a coordinated and aggressive way to make ourselves known.

We can create a post together that must be our presentacion. This is just one example. The job of creating it must be together!


Are you know BitcoinZ? It’s a decentralized cryptocurrency. It is not a fork of bitcoin but a new coin. Our strength is our community. Do you know that all decisions are taken together on our forum? What is the use of a decentralized currency if decisions and marketing are only done by a team? That maybe you don’t know.? This is our strength and true decentralization.

Put I like to our page and come to know us in our official forum!

Btcz United

Sorry at all for my english. it s only a input

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Hy guys, I said I would help advertise a post on Facebook at my expense. I can be contacted by those who manage the Facebook page. Or I will write here my email and password of my PayPal account, so that who takes care of it can advertise the Facebook page. Thank you


We are a community, all of us are developers.
Feel free to contribute my friend. there are several type of chat groups as well as NationalFB groups like Polska. Non of us are asking money for leading, managing, keeping it spam free, giving out news or infos or marketing them/ us!


Hi, i dont understand Who Is your friend, and which mode for contact him. Who i must contact?


I would better use Telegram for advertising, but it is just my preference because i don’t like facebook


I don’t understand. It seems that they are the only one interested in advertising on Facebook. Today is at 4 Satoshi. I’m not surprised


Last time I’ve read that FB has banned crypto ads, is it true?