Increase reviews of Btcz in Btc-Alpha (Free Marketing)


One of the most used Exchange to buy Btcz is BTC-alpha. I noticed that when you buy BTCZ there is a 1 star rating on our project. Written by an idiot who says it is Btcz is a fork of BTC! Showing people using the Exchange a low rating is not good for the project.

Who like me can not help the project with the programming did it with marketing!

  1. I ask you to register on the site that does display the comment on BTC-alpha and leave a positive comment.
  2. Contact me at my telegram @greyfox7 or on discord: GreyFox7
    #8123 to tell me if you have found other sites that comment or speak poorly or in a misunderstanding of our project, or if you prefer to respond to this post.
  3. Leave a heart to this post if you think working on the image of a project is as important as working on the codes, so that I will continue to focus and report these types of problems.
  4. I have already pointed out that Coinmarketcap also misdescribes our project, and I have put it to the vote. If you haven’t voted, please vote.

And if you have a good technical knowledge of the project, please respond with the best description you can make about this coin. The one with more hearts will be chosen and I’ll send it to Coinmarketcap

Sorry for my English.


@Solid hi. thank you for the suggestion. I feel a bit unsecure by apps that you only can log in with Fb or google auth. by the way I didnt notice any rating option on exchange sites.
Could you tell us more about this?


About the review site is not important if it is safe or not, the important thing that BTC-alpha shows a negative review to potential buyers. If you’re afraid of an access, create a new Google account just to leave the Review :wink:


Well spotted. I’ve just reviewed BtcZ there. Thanks!


I’ve done my review :wink:


yea, I realized you can skip fb/ google sign in and you can make a new user account without linking them. So its much more safe that way and I made a good review too. :slight_smile: keep it up!


Okay, done the reviewing😃