Information About Listing Price Give Me from Sakib Raj!

Hy Community,

This Post is just an information message to you.

These days I had a discussion with Sakib Raj !, Sakib can be contacted at this telegram address @rajben, He can give you details about his activity,
Below is a list of listing offers for several platforms
where Sakib thinks he can list us, and what is the price for each Exchange!

Liquid. 150.000$
Bittrex 125.000$
Bithumb global 80.000$
MXC 80.000 $
Hitbtc 80.000 $
Bitforex 30.000$
Bitmart 40.000 $
Probit 15.000 $
Digifinex 25.000 $
Hotbit 15.000$
CoinSuper 15.000 $

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It would be great to enter one of those exchanges but I think that for price I would choose hotbit, a month ago it had a hack but they managed to avoid it and although it cost them to return to normality, they are already working well. Good is my opinion. Greetings