Information for ZHash Algorithm Fork on Block 160,000


Creating this as a resource for others to see the status of things.

On block 160,000 around June 15th ~ 16th BitcoinZ will fork to the ZHash algorithm to prevent ASIC miners on the network. Before the fork, all nodes and wallets should be updated to the latest version to help support the new algorithm. Between block 160,000 and 160,010 both Equihash and ZHash will be allowed to be mined. After block 160,010, only ZHash will be allowed.

ZHash Announcement & Algorithm Fork Details Announcement:

List of things that have been released:
Updated BitcoinZ node -
Updated BitcoinZ Windows Wallet -
GPU miner for Cuda -
EWBF miner for Nvidia (Cuda) -
lolminer for AMD -

Supported Wallet Versions:
Windows Wallet 1.2.x
Android BTCZ Wallet 10.0.9
BitcoinZ Node 1.2.x

Supported Pools:
For Pools:
Modified z-nomp to support the ZHash algorithm “NickNomp” -
Modified Stratum -
Modified equihash verify -

Still needed:
GPU miner for AMD

Testing Mining on Testnet:
Equipool has a pool available for testing


If you’re a pool, let us know if you’ll support the fork.


EWBF’s miner released and it has a 10x improvement over Zhasher!

More information here:

Example EWBF Config:

miner.exe --algo 144_5 --pers BitcoinZ --server --user tmWNpX6y9x4xFxg4NDkkajsVB4CxKx9sAgb.renuzit --pass x --port 49951


I can not use linux version :frowning:


please give us some more details :slight_smile:


There are 3 files in EBWF_'s folder, i downloaded other file, name with “cuda_8” at the end of it’s name, and it works perfectly !


Is there an AMD miner I can use I would like to continue mining btcz but there are no miner for the new ALGO yet


You can already mine equihash 144_5 in Ethos

sudo update-miners
sudo hotfix 1.3.1-newminers
edit .conf file
globalminer ewbf-equihash
ewbf-equihash=flags --algo 144_5 --pers BitcoinZ


A recently released AMD miner:



you can add miniZ, a fast and friendly Equihash <144,5> NVIDIA Linux miner, to your list of miners supporting BTCZ mining. :slight_smile:
it is available @ miniz [dot] ch
It has been announced @ bitcointalk org/index.php?topic=4767892