Integrate BTCZ into popular WordPress plugins (rejected EzDefi)

Hello BTCitiZens!

Our friends (@Nucashmining) from natural hempsations want integrate btcz payment method on its wordpress page. there are many plugins that accept btc, eth, trx, link, usdt like:

I find it amazing that we don’t yet have our coin in one of these plugins used in different platforms.
Ezdefi give you the possibility accept many coins at small fees in these platforms:


since we are spending our money on a new wallet, it would be good to spend money also to increase the plugins that accept BTCZ paying to the teams to supplement our currency.

I would like to request 0.075 BTC to support the integration of btcz into these types of plugins and allow our coin to appear next to others.

This could serve as an opportunity to use VaultZ funds ( ). Given our current low exchange trade volumes, we would ideally like to avoid dumping 7,500,000 VaultZ coins (assuming 1 sat price) and reduce the BTCZ price further. We could avoid this by calling for volunteers willing to purchase this amount off the exchange so we do not have this amount stalling the exchange. To avoid any VaultZ speculative accusations we could limit the volunteer BtcZ buy option to a 1,000,000 max limit per user.

I trust it would be in our interest to have BTCZ in that Plugin.

Below I attach a poll (2 weeks time for the poll) for the vote whether the BTCitiZens would like the VaultZ to be used for expanding BTCZ wallet options. If this vote passes, then please comment if you would like to participate in the 7,500,000 BTCZ VaultZ purchase.

Do we want to use VaultZ to get BTCZ listed on EzDefi Plugin?

(0.075 BTC need for pay the dev for the integration and another guy for push EzDefi. The Btcz Community can pay 0.075 BTC only after that the team have integrated BTCZ in the EzDefi Plugin.)

-Remember that this is a risk for the team of developers and the people that will lost time for do it, to work for free and not to get paid if they fail to integrate btcz. your question to decide must be… I think it can serve to integrate btcz into popular plugins used for WordPress that accept cryptocurrency?

obviously today is 0.075 Btc becouse are 670 USD.
if btc go up will be less, if will go down will be more…

  • Yes
  • No

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What are proposing exactly? That you will lead the implementation of BtcZ to Ezdefi?
How much of VaultZ funds is needed and what for? Next time when you copy my proposal you might change relevant details.


yes is integrate btcz in plugin EzDefi plugin. 0.075 BTC need for pay the dev for the integration and another guy for push EzDefi. The Btcz Community can pay 0.075 BTC only after that the team have integrated BTCZ in the EzDefi Plugin.

“What’s right in your proposal, I left. I never said that the still Z vault brings a benefit to the community”

nuncash.minin? It’s NuCash as in a NEW form of CASH, by MINING :rofl:. I’m not voting on this until some corrections are made and I don’t mean just the correct spelling of my username. Will it actually cost 0.075 BTC to get added to this EzDeFi payment system? I think we need to have those developers come here to answer any questions that the BTCZ community may have, prior to funds disbursement.

Just my two ¢.

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@Nucashmining. no funds will be disbursed, I have already explained that the funds will move only after btcz is integrated into forms of payment for WordPress. but if you don’t agree. I will happy to vote no, too. :smiley:

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Well, let’s get it done! Have you looked into as well?

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ahaha :smiley: it’s not us who decide, but the community. when the vote is over you will see what you do. maybe no one is interested in spending to integrate btcz into WordPress plugins.

Really we can be hosted in a multi-coin payment gateway with the 0.075 btc cost @GreyFox?

Have you asked the company for a deal ?

If the cost is just this for permanent listing and just 0.1% of the transaction , I would personally definitely be positive for this.

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we need a lot of work to do that. i know that is cheap but i have a right person that can help us.
or i hope that. @VandarGR
however, as written above, the team will only be paid upon reaching the goal.
if you think it’s a good deal for btcz vote yes

obviously today is 0.075 Btc becouse are 670 USD.
if btc go up will be less, like that go down will be more…

From the moment that you say that there is a person there who may help our project, of course I will vote yes.

I only hope that they will join here and enlighten us a little about the conditions. I mean that there should be no catches like a certain required volume (for example exmo had such a condition!) , and make clear if they require any future payments for maintenance or something.


understand, I understand. Sure. When the project is applied, I will address these issues closely. needless to start working and get me to explain if it is not approved yet.

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@GreyFox @VandarGR @Nucashmining
This is obviously a good idea. I will vote as soon as the proposal will be presented in detail.

You are very specific in terms of amount needed to be raised (0.075 BTC) but there are some bits missing:

  1. EzDeFi is in a beta phase so it can contain loads of unresolved bugs. Has anyone here used it before?
  2. Which dev would be responsible for this, do we trust that person? Does the person have required experience? Are we paying after the work has been done and BTCZ has been implemented into EzDeFi?
  3. Having the dev work done, are there any additional fees towards EzDeFi?

Once we have that and a quick hello from the dev and hear his/her plan of action I am voting yes for sure. This should be very good for the project is EzDeFi releases a stable, secure, and reliable version.


There weren’t enough voters. So I’m going to close the proposal.
Btcz will not be listed in EzDefi.