Lets get BitcoinZ accepted in Camden Market as payment (London)


Hi guys,

Basically I visited Camden market in London on the weekend (Over 1000 shops and stalls selling fashion, music, art and food next to Camden Lock).

I could not find one stall that was accepting crypto (even BTC) but many had tablets/laptops and bank card terminals for purchases.

If we could arrange someone to visit each stall, explain what BTCz is and how to implement it, I think it would do so much for the project and it would get so much attention, other coins would probably follow suit but I think this would give BTCz more exposure than ever before.

I’m not exactly sure on how we would implement this, we would need one or two people who are passionate and knowledgeable about BTCz/Crypto to physically visit and speak to each stall owner.

I think we would need to raise a fair amount to achieve this, but my rough calculation are that if someone visited 30 stalls/shops per day for a month, that should be everyone. I am fully aware that a lot of market traders would not be interested, but if we can get 20/30 on board, it would be great for the project and community.


1. Find someone who is confident, knowledgeable and passionate about BTCz/Crypto to visit Camden Market and speak to stall owners.

2. Raise enough funds to pay them and cover transport and hotel costs.

  • It doesn’t necessarily need to be Camden market - could be another, but this is one of the most famous markets in London.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts and to start things off, If this gets a positive response, I would personally start off donations with 120K BTCz.

Just had another thought, if this option is not successful, we could start a bounty system, where if you speak to a shop/stall and get them to accept BitcoinZ, you get a bounty reward. This may be an incentive for people to go out all over the world and get BitcoinZ accepted in a real world environment.


I to do it)) I can come to you)) from some countries))



It may be an idea, but too many people are afraid of crypto at this time because it is coming down too. In my opinion better invite some friends to read what is Btcz.