List of Miners (including OpenCL)


Can anyone please list available miners, with compatibility?

I cannot find one which are compatible with OpenCL - I have some rx470
(I can find a few cuda/Nvidia miners)

Also - At the point of writing this, the miner installed linked through the video on is not downloading


The only AMD compatible miner that i know of its lolminer. hope it helps.


I also know only this one.
But AMD graphic cards won’t give you the best results in BTCZ mining. You will have more coins if you mine smth like ETH, sell it and buy BTCZ.


Lolminer works great on my RX570’s and RX580’s. The 570’s get 24 Sol/s and the 580’s get 30 Sol/s steady.


I have 1060 cards and they get 35 sol/s. BTCZ algo suits better for nVidia cards.


Thanks all, I have lolminer now and 470’s running around 26 / 27 sols. Seems to be working fine but I am not getting any shares. I’ll report back soon EDIT - Switched pools and shares accepted every few seconds now as expected. good stuff!