Listing in DEX?

First of all, I wanted to greet you. I didn’t want to create further issues for the project after that unpleasant discussion with a member. Those who know me or remember the event know that I silenced myself after that. But I’m still here, constantly monitoring the project. There was a time when my BTCZ could have allowed me to buy a Tesla, but I decided not to sell them because this project means more to me, even though I’m not actively involved. The meeting in Rome with @Rokmikuz, @Oduvanchik @marcelus connected me to the project in a way that goes beyond money. I had promised myself not to write anymore, but I see a significant issue that is holding back the project, and I can’t pretend it doesn’t exist.

Now let’s get to the point. It used to be possible to buy BTCZ on Crex24 and STEX, but now they have been closed. Currently, BTCZ exchanges are limited and unreliable, and it’s not surprising to see daily volumes drop to only $127. I don’t think it’s a problem with BTCZ but rather with the exchange that lacks trustworthiness. Even the largest centralized exchanges no longer inspire trust. I wonder if it’s possible to create a token linked to BTCZ for BSC, so that it can be listed on PancakeSwap. This could increase volumes and, most importantly, avoid working with an exchange that abruptly shuts down. I leave the discussion open and would like to hear your opinions on this matter.

A big greeting once again. Thank you for carrying forward the project.


Hey @GreyFox long time no see :slight_smile:
I hope you are OK…
just for info BTCZ is on pancakeswap as wbtcz :slight_smile: check on discord you can find contract :slight_smile:



Wool. Great. And why coingecko don’t show? Need send to coingecko?

Hi GreyFox!
Nice to hear from you again.

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Coingecko has wierd way of showing contracts. But it is under info :wink:

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My mistake, it was the excuse to rewrite.

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@GreyFox bro 28 days ago and you didn’t know we have a wBTCZ on BSC already?

0xcBBB3e5099F769F6d4E2b8b92DC0e268f7E099D8 is the contract address on BSC is the bridge if no one has told you yet, I apologize, I haven’t even read the replies before jumping to reply.