Micro Loans Project


Please vote for a preferred category and region. The actual loans within the highest voted category and region will be chosen at random. Thank you


  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Refugees and IDPs
  • Eco-friendly
  • Livestock
  • Arts
  • Single parents
  • Health
  • Social enterprises
  • Food
  • Water and sanitation
  • Conflict zones

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  • North America
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Oceania

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Where have received a 25,000 BTCZ donation from a single donor. Thank you very much! We will use this for the second tranche of loans.

And another 20k! You guys are great! Generous community!


HI @DanielK ,

Could you kindly take over the Kiva lending charity initiative? Having been banned from the Social Channel because someone is suspecting me of being someone i am not, i dont think it it is right for me to head this initiative. I know you are very charitable and you will do great by the community.

Many thanks!

Please reach out to Cryptorex for all the log in details to Kiva, I passed them on some time ago.


@Apelan Sure Bro, but I would suggest to you to take some rest for the moods to chill. We also take some rest.
Im sure if we all calm down, we can discuss the mysteries.
Im still waiting you back, but whoever supports the old chain hurts the community vision.

@Apelan Hey There! I havent seen you long time!
What is the progression statement of this Loan project?
Did you reach @cryptorex ?
Who leads this project now, who has the keys of it?
Where are our funds?

@DanielK , thanks for reaching out. All details have been passed onto you (to @ cryptorex as well, long time ago)

Wishing you well with this project.

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Hey @everybody we can continue this beautiful project! I need someone who could handl it from now and take good care of it.
Please write to me if you are interested!

What needs to be done? On a regular basis

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I am looking for a trustful member, who will take care and control this project, often comes up with updates, evidences of ongoing money flow and keeps the mechanism alibe by vote polls for the next loan projects.

I would be willing to try. I can muster up a few hours a month to maintain the project. What should be my next steps if I am selected to manage this thread?

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I tried to find the BitcoinZ group and it was not there.

I went ahead and loaned more money to another business in Sagone, Samoa.
She needs $100 more. Come on and join in the funding

I took back the control of Kiva Loan project!
I will upgrade the description and if you really want to lead it, you can try!
First of all we need an official BtcZ wallet for it linked by btcz.me and
An official email account for it.
Would you creat them? @juggernautsei

Sure, I will create them. I think it is unappealing to use a public email address like gmail or yahoo. I was thinking of buying a domain to really look official. Do you have a suggestion for the domain?


Wow, nice! Give more trust in it!
Well my idea was [email protected] or [email protected]
This is what you have to register by btcz.me and attach to an empty wallet address! Also I could give and forward the registration account at Kiva to that new email address.
Please if you have done, then share here these informations and I can finish the description.

First loan project was already passed the vote. So you only have to fund one that falls under that category.
We will manage better the votes in the future.

Our first Landing project has been payed out / loan was given out as you voted for under Kiva Loan Project!
Thank you for your contribution!
Xmas as it has to be!

Vesna’s Group lives in a rural village in Takeo Province in Cambodia. Vesna makes a living cultivating rice and he works as a farmer to support his family. In his village there is no reliable access to safe, clean drinking water. Having a water filter at home will help Vesna safeguard the health of his family, save money on medical expenses and save time collecting fuel and boiling water.

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Apelan’s Micro Loan Project merged into Charity Project.
You csn find it here: