Minecraft-Z like a Faucet

Dear community,

As you already know, I love creating apps that I hope will be useful for community members. So I create a Minecraft server that allows you to earn BtcZ !

Like a faucet :slight_smile:

The reward is based on XP gain. For a good player, it is possible to win more than 1000 BtcZ per hour.

The server is open to unofficial accounts (I let you find a launcher for this purpose), and authentication is required when entering the server. So type : /register YourPassWord at first time, and type : /login YourPassWord at the following (replace YourPassWord by your own password).

Serveur info : https://minecraftlist.com/servers/minecraft.btcz.app
Faucet address : https://explorer.btcz.rocks/address/t1K8abC6aVv3bPH7eYcbhrXk129nFfMw2Pu
Minecraft server address: minecraft.btcz.app

Actual supported command:
/balance to get your balance and game play BtcZ address
/send 10.234 TheReceiverBtcZaddress to send your BtcZ to your wallet
/send 5.6789 MinecraftUserName to send BtcZ to someone in the server
/sethome to set your home location in the server
/home to go back to your home location

Enjoy !


You absolutely rock Marcelus! :heart::+1::muscle:


Nice! Advertise on Minecraft forums. Write how to get a BTCZ wallet. There will be a promotion.:slight_smile: